The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018 Movie Review)


I don’t know if it’s a secret that I highly admire and love “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” trilogy. I love the books (RIP Stieg Larsson) I love the Swedish films and I adored David Fincher’s go at his version. The series inspired my style of characters and pushed the envelope as far as gritty murder mystery / revenge stories go. I re-watch the movies as often as I can, those stories are why I love goth girls. Lisbeth is my favorite strong female character of all time (it was Judy Hopps for a while, but she’s since taken a back seat.)

I was sad when I knew the 2011 Dragon movie wasn’t going to go with “The Girl Who Played with Fire” sequel. I still think they should have done that, but they didn’t. I was surprised they went with the highly mediocre 4th book, “The Girl in The Spider’s Web.” So natrually, I had low expectations. That book was a slog to get through.

I must say though, this movie wasn’t bad! I will point out a few nitpick things, but overall this was an intriguing story. More importantly though, I don’t feel Lisbeth was ruined. I thought they might make it very ‘flashy’ and Hollywooish, but really they kept her intact and Clair Foy did a really nice job. I really enjoyed her portrayl and her stunt work was awesome (I know she had some doubles, but I heard she did a lot of stuff too.) I loved her costume and I loved the accent, she’s a good Lisbeth. I liked the action scenes, they were really nice and there was a certain ‘edge’ to the violence that really made it feel like a Lisbeth story and not just a Jason Bourne knock off. I’ll go through some points, but as I said-this is far from the mockery I thought it would be. I will be glad to add this to my collection.

  • More Revenge– Stieg built Lisbeth as a character of a women who kills men who abuse, rape and torture girls. While the first ten minuts indicate that in a really nice little revenge scene, I hope if there’s a sequel we get more of this.
  • More Gritty– While I did enjoy the action scenes, I would have liked a little more blood and agony. This story didn’t need it, as I said the action served this movie well and even went beyond what I thought, but if they want to make more-I’d say up the grim and disturbing factor.
  • More Blomkvist and Lisbeth– The dynamic between these two is sort of the glue that holds these stories together. The journalist gives Lisbeth all the info, then she goes out and extracts vengeance when needed.

Overall, I hope this is a good starting point to either a sequel, or maybe a TV miniseries? I don’t want Lisbeth to dissapear for another 8 years. I think there’s a lot of great potential here, so I’d say with some adjustments, they could really do another full on, blood soaked, disturibng, push the envelope movie like Fincher did. I’d welcome it.


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