Buck- Chapter 1


A Furry Story by: Aaron B.

Cover Art by: Marcin Tyrakowski (Photoshop by:Aaron B.)

“To exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it’s an absolute duty.” -Stieg Larsson


 The bullet enters her flesh. Blood sprays upon the green glass as she collapses, the last sound she ever makes is a deep breath. Darkness covers her eyes as her consciousness is stripped away, almost in the blink of an eye.

The two men who approach the fawn’s body are quite different looking. Both wearing orange vests and hunting gear. Marco’s bushy brown beard and overweight body is unmistakable to those who know him. Marco kneels to the body, his hunting rifle in one hand, he checks the pulse of the humanoid animal. The fifty-year-old smiles slightly. Eyeing her lifeless corpse, thinking of what he’d want to keep as a trophy and tossing out the rest.

 Bobby, the twenty-year old blonde haired, blue eyed young man feels a knot in his stomach looking over Marco’s shoulder. Forcing a smile, he tried not to look into the glazed eyes of the dead deer. “Good shooting, man.” Standing up, Marco sighed tiredly as the trek to this point had been long and the two had gotten up quite early to make this kill a reality.“One day I’ll let you do the shooting and skinning.” Without a word, Bobby follows him as he makes his way down the large hill where the fawn lies to get the pick-up truck. Grabbing the fawn by the leg, he dragged her corpse along with him.

Bobby’s stomach only got worse as he walked with Marco, even though the woods today were serene, the weather perfect for what activities they had done. Walking much slower than Marco, he clenches his fist, then relaxes. Trying to get his anxiety to lower, closing his eyes may help. For an instant it did, but the face of the eight-year-old deer flooded his brain. Eight years old in human age, since the animals were so anthropomorphic, thereages were calculated by human years.  

Her lifeless corpse seeping with blood, her yellow sundress dirty and muddy from the fall. How innocent she looked before Marco pulled the trigger. Even the sound of the body being dragged would have been enough to send him into a full-on panic attack.

 Luckily Marco was oblivious as he hummed, they neared closer to the paved road, finding a short cut. Bobby tried darting his eyestoward the left and right, focusing on the beautiful day.

Bobby looked at his boots the entire time as Marco tied the fawn to the top of the truck, not thinking to ask Bobby for help since he had done this so many times. The small rocks beneath their feet crunched, behind the truck lied the main cement road, a car or two passed as the two packed up to leave.  Each one carried a large bag for snacks and water, which were quite heavy and a relief to put down.


Giving a slight wave to Marco before closing the passenger side door, Bobby felt a ping of relief wash over him as he knew the nightmare was over. Watching Marco’s truck pull away, not one of them noticed a silver bracelet roll off the dead fawn and onto the dirt path leading toBobby’s one-story home. He couldn’t be blamed though, it was dark.

Taking a deep breath, Bobby flopped onto the couch, turning on the TV was the normal nightly news. How anthropomorphic animals can get along with humans. News stations were either for or against it, ‘furries’ as people called them were slowly rising and becoming a prominent species. Those who were opposed to furries being among humans, often thought hunting them during certain times of the year was fine to do.

And in the area Bobby and Marco reside, they’re not any furry protection laws that make a huge difference. The big cities are where new ground was being broken, where furries and humans were living in harmony with little to no issues. How the young man wishes he lived in one of those areas. Become friends with those who were not like him and learn new things.

Alas, he is trapped in these back woods, in a town near Massachusetts. Where homes were often isolated and furries and humans did not get along. Lying down on the couch, the thoughts of the fawn and violence in general swirled in his brain, he wouldn’t get much sleep tonight.

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