Buck- Chapter 6

He couldn’t get his fingers through the wire that nearly cut his breathing off. “All you furries are the same. Easy to trick! Where will I put YOUR HEAD tough guy?” Marco’s breath is on Stetson’s neck, he smelt the beers he had throughout the day. Pulling tighter, Stetson grasped for air. Don’t black out. Not here. It would be over. Everything would be.

He’d have one chance to pull this off. Reaching one hand into his vest, the deer went for his knife and stabbed where ever he could. He knew he hit something because the yell from Marco was excruciating. The blade had entered the back of the hunter’s leg, right behind the kneecap. Holding his bloody wound, he fell to the ground. Stetson preformed a summersault to get his shotgun. Kicking Marco’s gun away from the area, Stetson used the butt of the gun to slam it into Marco’s nose. Knocking him out quickly.

The wind now colder than the day before. The ruckus from last night hadn’t alerted many, Marco’s home was noisy most of the time. Of course, the people who lived in town were so far away from the house, they had no idea the twisted horror behind the walls.

Aiden had heard the commotion from beneath the floor, he ascends the small staircase leading to the locked trap door, placing his eye on the very edge of the entrance, the door was held by a strong chain, butpushing hard enough he could somewhat pry it open. He had done this on numerousoccasions when he had tried to break out a few months ago.

 He saw the faint shape of hiking boots and felt the presence of someone he never had, their mannerisms unfamiliar and the sound of their breathing also unfamiliar.Fearing the worst, he thought maybe it was one of his dad’s hunting friends.

That is until he turned slightly to one side to see his father, he got a clearer view of him. Tied to a wooden chair, shaking. He had never seen his father scared, but here he was dripping with sweat and squirming to break free of what held him. Straining his neck, he got a look at the one who walked around. Aiden concluded that he couldn’t be a human. He saw glimpses of brown fur and the small white tail, unmistakably a deer. The biggest furry he had ever seen in his life. He didn’t know a furry could be that size. Then again, the only furries he had ever seen were dead and he had never seen one stand upright.

Pulling up a stool, Stetson sat in front of the shivering hunter, his hands folded, looking at the kitchen. He then began slapping his cheeks to get him to look into his eyes. “Did you look into my daughter’s eyes before you killed her?” Marco was quite dizzy from the hit to the head he received. The human spat into Stetson’s eye. With a sigh, he whipped the white slime off. “Go to hell furry. When I get outta here, I’m going to tear you limb from limb.” Stetson smirked. “You’re the one tied up, asshole.” The deer stood up and removed his vest, placing it on the near by counter next to the sink. Sitting down again, he reached behind Marco’s leg where the knife wound was and pressed his nails into the gaping, sensitive wound, which oozed thick red blood as it was pressed.

Aiden ran to the farthest corner he could to somewhat block out his father’s deafening screams. “You know that little fawn you killed wasn’t just a fawn. None of the animals you or your little friends kill are just anything. They have lives. Families. Relationships. Don’t you think it’s rather disgusting that you walk by and shoot whoever you want? Tell me that, mister ‘hunter’.” Tensing up,Marco could barely concentrate on Stetson’s words as the pain in his leg radiated endlessly through his entire body. “I don’t need to tell you anything sicko!” Marco yelled into Stetson’s face, his eyebrows down and his eyes wild with what he hoped Stetson would think was anger. It was fear. He was caught.Not by a human cop, but by a furry. He WISHED a cop had caught him. Stetson gotanother look at Marco’s taxidermy, the heads of fellow furries mounted onvarious walls in the house.

From his pocket, he grabbed the large serrated knife again, holding it to Marco’s cheek. “Fear.” Marco tenses, trying again to break free of the tough rope which bounded his hands and feet. Stetson spoke again. “Fear. Animals can smell it. You’re scared. You can yell and squirm and talk big all you want. You can’t hide from us. Your emotions are who you are. We don’t even have to think twice to read you. We’re more with it than you ever knew.”

 He chuckled,then turned deadly serious as he pressed the knife into his flesh, creating a cut. “You, and others like you? With your big guns, posing with carcasses soyour buddy can take a picture. All your big smiles, looking all tough. You’renothing but a pussy with a gun.” Marco’s eyes became wide as hiding the terrorwas becoming impossible.

Not that it mattered. Stetson read his fear long before he tried to hide it. “Well Marco, I think I’ve given you quite long enough to contemplate why you’re here and why I kidnapped you. You’re done.” Marco shouts as he watched Stetson adjust his knife. “NO! PLEASE!” Narrowing his eyes, the deer made a brutal stab into Marco’s left cheek, dragging the blade up to his eye. Leaving a gaping, open wound, blood flew on through the kitchen and onto Stetson’s hand. The hole so massive, one could see the inside of the hunter’s mouth through the hole.

The deer watched Marco as he cried and bled out. In a final blow, Stetson tipped the chair over onto the hunter, sending even more dark red fluid through the air, splattering high onto the ceiling. Marco’s face was now caked in blood and nearly unrecognizable. He kicked the chair down, sending Marco falling onto the tiled floor. Stetson watched his limp body for a while.

Walking to the sink nearby, Stetson washed his hands with soap and hot water. Tiredness washed over him. He hadn’t felt tired duringhis path of vengeance, but perhaps all the excitement got to him. He then heardthe slight opening of a door. His ear flicked.

Was it one of Marco’s buddies, he swiftly picked the knife up from the kitchen counter, turning around and ready to face an unknown enemy. His eye then slowly moved to the trap door. He hadn’t seen it. Through all the blood and carnage, how would he? The door was moving. Up and down. The chain which held it prevented whoever was inside from getting out. A witness. He hadn’t counted on that. Through the dark, Stetson heard a voice. The voice of a teenage male, he was pretty sure. “Please. Help. Get me out.” Not a panicked voice, but a scared voice. Stetson yanked the door open, the chain snapped immediately. The kid inside backed away slowly. Seeing a giant, buff deer with speckles of blood on his fur and holding a huge knife wasn’t the mostwelcoming image.           

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