Buck- Chapter 9

Connie began to blackout. The last thing she may feeling her life is the suffocation from this brute of a beagle. Her back began to hurt as he pressed her into the floorboards hard. She knew her only shot to kill the dog was risky, on his belt a hunting knife was in its sheath. Reaching under him would be difficult, grunting she forced her hand under his big belly, stretching her arm to the limit until she thought her tendons would snap from the stretching, she grabbed the handle of the serrated blade and reached to the left side, she jammed the blade into his neck. She didn’t remove it. Triggerbarked in pain as she twisted the knife, blood shot from his neck like a fountain. Connie’s paw became sheathed in thick, red liquid. Like spots of rain, blood fell onto her face and eyes, she shoved the large dog over, stabbing him a few more times, listening for his breath become labored, to shallow, to nothing at all.

Standing up, she put the knife in her pocket and grabbed her gun. Heading upstairs, she had to be careful not to splinter herself on the broken pieces of wood, she rushed to the room Aiden was hiding in, hugging her tightly he sighed in pure terror. He thought for sure she’d be dead. Unlike Stetson, Connie was used to being hugged her entire life and always welcomed it. “Holding up okay, Aiden?” The human nodded and didn’t let go. She let him have a moment of cuddling.


Marco finished digging. He put his large shovel down, he smiled. Not caring that he could no longer speak due to his cheek injury, but his feelings of hatred grew with each passing hour. He didn’t care ifStetson ended up on his mantel or someone else’s. He wanted him dead. Not just dead. He wanted him to suffer. Under the thick dirt of the woods seemed like a fitting end. No one would find his carcass, and if they did-maybe some other hunter would tie him to a truck and use him for decoration. No matter what,Marco would be happy.

 The deformity on the left side of his opened face wouldn’t matter, the fact that the gash Stetson had caused his cheek to open and one could see the inside of his mouth clearly, teeth, tongue and all. The fact he would have to eat through a g-tube his entire life didn’t matter either. All that mattered was Stetson being dead. He had dragged his body about a mile away from Connie’s house. Now it was time to deal with that pretty coyote and maybe get his son back.

The deer couldn’t move, taking in a breath felt suffocating. The cold walls bound him in like a trap. The first thing he knew not to do was panic, it didn’t take long for him to realize he had little air and was underneath the cold, hard ground. As he forced his way up using his fists, he had to make sure not to cave himself in. He hoped he could lift his head and use his large antlers as a sort of makeshift shovel, but as soon as he tried, he knew he couldn’t. The space was too tight. Whoever the hunter was, he got him into a trap. Pushing way more, it was hard to take tiny gasps for air,he felt his large body sweat as he pushed and pushed. A clump of dirt entered his mouth on accident. His eyes watered. Would he choke on this and die here? The lives of Aiden and Connie ruined? No. He couldn’t let it happen. Redemption was needed. For them and for his own heart. Something good had to come out of this other than pure vengeance. Feeling the tip of his finger hit the evening air felt like a Godsend. Groaning loudly, he punched his way through to the ground, his upper body was nearly to the top. The first to come up were hisantler’s dripping with mud and thick soil.

Coughing violently, he pushed himself up using two arms, his jacket was missing, his tank top was ripped and so covered in dirt, only a faint outline of it could be seen. His fur matted and tangled, his jeans heavy with rocks and everything else that was underground. He knelt to the forest floor, throwing up clumps of rock and soil. He clutched his chest,breathing as much as he could.

Standing up, he tried to figure out exactly where he was, but everything looked the same. It wasn’t a good sign, whoever dragged him here, dragged him far into the wilderness, he had to get back to Connie and Aiden, no matter what the cost may be. Sniffing the air, Stetson headed in the direction which felt the most familiar, he knew the woods quite well. Kneeling, he felt the soil on the palm of his hand, feeling where the dirt sunk a tad bit where he had been dragged.

Walking to Connie’s house would be a chore, he knew a general direction to where it was, but he knew it would take a long time. He had no weapons, only his bare hands to help him through whatever he needed to do.

His ear flicked to the sound of an engine approaching.Engine? What type of engine? A car? A truck? No. It was a small vehicle,the sound isn’t big. It’s higher pitched. First thing’s first, hide. Where an engine goes, a hunter follows.

Hoisting himself on the tree directly below where he was buried, he saw a pair of headlights approach. The area wasn’t to clear, thespot where he was underground was now a giant hole, the red ATV parked, aslender hunter wearing camo pants and a bright orange vest holding a gun hoppedoff, he left the engine running.

The slight smell of gas entered Stetson’s nostrils. He narrowed his eyes, looking down. The hunter was looking for the remains of the deer presumably. With a flashlight hooked to his gun, he aimed it to the hole. Thinking he was alone, he began to talk to himself. “Where the hell did he go? Marco said he was right here for me to get.” Stetson’s ears stick straight up into the air.

Marco?! That ugly slime ball is alive! How?

No time to think about it now. Leaping from the tree, Stetson slammed into the hunter who barely had time to react. His boot crushed his neck like a toothpick between two fingers. Grabbing the hunter’s weapon, he cocked it and hoisted it over his shoulder using the convenient strap.

Tiredness began to take over, but he couldn’t let it hurt him. Not now. Not for a long time. Hopping onto the four-wheeler, he revved the engine and drove through twigs and fallen leaves. The deer hadn’t driven an ATV in a long time, when he was a teenager he did since he always lived in the woods with his parents, it didn’t take him long to remember how to accelerate and break. This transportation was perfect for traversing the dense woods, he made little work of the obstacles in his way, going past large rocks and trying not to hit trees.    

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