Game of Thrones

What we have here in “Game of Thrones” in a nutshell is a dark, epic tale, a character driven story with magic in the background. Characters come first, then the action set pieces. Lots of death and sadness and poor choices, but also some amazing choices and truly good intentions. In my eyes, it’s brilliant storytelling and I am loving it. Truly breathtaking (As I write this, the series will end next week)

Villains aren’t 100% evil; heroes aren’t 100% good. GOT characters are all flawed, flawed, human characters who even through life MASSIVE changes, good or bad still can turn and do something horrible and unexpected. Or, a character can go through darkness and come out a better person and become a ‘hero’-I hate that term by the way. Hero is so ‘black and white’.

George R.R. Martin always hates predictability, no characters in this show are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ They make choices and it all has consequences. I feel like 99% of the internet disagrees with me and chucks it up to ‘laziness’ and ‘shock value’ and some of the fans are hateful of everything in this show that isn’t seasons 1-6.    

I really do think events, from Season 1 onwards are all foretold, whether we like them or not. This show is not for masses who want things clean cut and dry, for good and evil to be neat. This show is for people who want true darkness, bloodshed, uncomfortable moments of anger and sadness, to see people triumph and then fall (and fall and triumph in good cases)

 Humans don’t do things that make sense 100% of the time, sometimes people are complex. It’s not lazy writing, it’s true to life.

The GOT fan base is odd, why do we have to nitpick everything and hate something that really doesn’t deserve it? I think people calling the show poorly written in the last two seasons are wrong, they can have their opinion of course, but I truly think the show is still brilliant. Sure, I think in the earlier seasons the dialogue WAS better in spots, but I still call this my favorite TV show of all time.

Regardless of how it all ends, even if I’m sad or disappointed, this show took me on a ride that I will never forget. Knights, castles, dragons, war, vengeance, huge wolves and dragons who took my imagination away-it’s everything I would want in a show. It made me feel like a little kid watching “Lord of the Rings” again.

For reference whether you’re a fan of the show or just getting started, my favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen, I won’t get into her arch because it would be huge disservice to the writers and the amazing actress who portrayed her, Emilia Clarke but I think she had the most interesting (plus hey, I gotta thing for dragons!) I liked every season equally, yes, I am in the minority when I say that, people might @ me and call me crazy and ‘how can you like lazy, boring writing?’ etc.  I loved every moment of this ride. I didn’t wait because no matter what happens, this show will forever inspire my writing and my characters, I’m not sad it’s going to be over- I’m glad I had this journey.

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