“Good Boy”- Story Excerpt

The following is chapter 1 from an upcoming horror short story I’m writing. I hope you enjoy.


Fear never struck Aiden Williamson as he walked home from school through the old junkyard. It was the shortest route to his house and admittedly, he liked seeing what treasures others may have thrown out. The piles of broken metal and glass surround the sandy ground, along the junkyard is a large chain-link fence which he knew how to hop like a pro.

 The teen decided to stop and kneel by one of these piles of waste and dig around, searching for anything that might be just fixable enough to be useable. The weather was nice enough for such adventure, the sun was warm and the sky blue and cloudless, there wouldn’t be many days like this as winter would soon rear its head.

Taking off his school bag, he found a silver, jagged knife after digging through some old boxes and scrap. Upon examining it, it looked relatively new and not rusted at all. Maybe it was thrown out by accident? Washing off the dirt would be easy, he closed his new found weapon and put it in the pocket of his khakis.

The junkyard was where he could feel his best, away from the sounds of cars and away from the noise of high school. Living in suburbia wasn’t preferred, but his dad had a good job and knew moving was out of the question. However, he was 17 and once he hit 18, he’d be on his own.

His concentration was broken by the sound of someone behind him. No. Something. He wasn’t a big kid, not by a long shot. A little over 5 feet and had arms like sticks, he wasn’t the best at defending himself. Taking out the knife and holding it in a defensive position, he swiftly got to his feet and looked into the eyes of an animal he had never seen.

It was the biggest dog he had ever laid his eyes on. 33 inches tall at the shoulders, pure white with splotches of dirt and grime from the months of living on its own, ears that stuck up in the air tentatively. Its nose pink with a slight redness around the edges.

The dog knew Aiden was nervous, animals can always sniff out fear. By the sound of the heartbeat, bits of sweat that trickle down the flesh, the sound of rapid breathing. All were classic signs and Aiden was showing them in spades.

The dog approached Aiden’s hand, sniffing the end of the blade. The human was prepared to strike if needed and run home. He could get a good head start home if he jabbed the furry creature and hurt it enough just to get away. The dog’s nose then hit the blade of the knife as it approached Aiden slowly; the tiniest spot of blood was stained on. Human blood. Perhaps it was from a gang fight or maybe whoever had it last had an accident? The dog didn’t think about it. He loved this taste. He wanted more.

Not from Aiden though, for there was something about this boy worth saving. Aiden put the knife back in its pocket and the human and dog lock eyes-something in both sparked. Friendship. Afterall, what’s a dog without a boy? A boy and his dog. Isn’t that what everyone says?

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