GOOD BOY (Short Film)

Plot: A psychological horror movie centered around a dog who happens to be a killer only fueled by the thrill of the hunt and the owner who is desperate to find him.

This movie came about when I knew I wanted to try something more ambitious, something with more locations and more actors. I had a script in the back of my mind, originally it was going to be a short story but I soon realized it actually would make a better movie. I then converted the story to a script format, which wasn’t hard and I didn’t have to tweak much.

The first thing I set off doing was getting footage of my dog, Xena. Hours of footage. In the backyard, walking, I needed every angle. I knew I wasn’t going to try to control her when the other cast came over to act. I’m not a dog trainer. So, I used the gorgeous fursuit head created by Two-Faced Creations as a sort of stunt double for Xena. With the right angles, I knew it would work.

As I was filming, I ordered tons of blood and gore props from Amazon, about 75 or 80 dollars worth. I was inspired by the you tube channel Racka Racka as far as gore and blood, they’re quite incredible. It’s not QUITE that gruesome, but I feel this movie is certainly edgy as far as violence.

Getting actors was both easy and hard. Filming at my aunt’s July 4th party is almost a tradition at this point, everyone who was involved always are great to work with. The individual victims were easy, but waiting for the right scheduling is always a nerve-wracking for me. Even if I trust the person 100% it’s just how my brain works. Over the course of a few weeks I managed to get a bunch of great people.

As far as Roscoe’s narration, I hired a talented You Tube artist, The Lonesome Outlaw his voice brought such a power to the role that I certainly could not have accomplished, and his price was amazingly good.

So yeah, this movie is truly something that speaks to two genres I love, horror and animals. Not many of those around. I hope you enjoy this twisted tale (tail?)

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