The Lion King (2019)- Review

The visuals were nice, especially the opening shot with the animals crowding around pride rock. Nothing beats hand drawn animation though.

The singers were great, I loved hearing covers of the originals but done differently. I’m a sucker for theater, so maybe that’s why. This will not go down as a classic like the original has, but most remakes are terrible and this respected the original without ripping it off. Lots of new cool things were added as well.

“Be Prepared” was a huge let down, I really was hoping for a big number, something dark and huge like the original-but it was just…meh. Scar is one of the best Disney villains in my opinion-and they didn’t really honor him here.

Seth Rogan and Billy Eichner stole the show, I thought those two were adorable and I actually think Billy has a REALLY nice voice. I know he hated singing, but I really was surprised he could carry a tune, maybe he always could and I just never knew it.

I’m glad I saw this on a big screen, I think this is a very worthy remake and I for one enjoyed it. That’s what a movie should do right? Be enjoyable?

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