Joker- Review


Tragic and horrifying. Being a fly on the wall to a lonely and messed up person is not an easy watch, a slice of life movie turned into a nightmare. Seeing so much isolation and pain is heartbreaking and the violent acts gut wrenchingly real. No flashy explosions or extreme blood-it chooses to show the affect of violence rather then focusing on the brutality.

I don’t really think it’s that violent or controversial-but I appreciate the style. A movie that truly shows who the Joker is-but also stands alone as a great psychological drama. Showing how people with mental illnesses are often judged and thrown away by society due to funding being cut for social services-which to me was the saddest aspect because it’s just so damn real. People who are harmless (NOT like Joker BTW) but people who need true help are again, thrown away and put into horrible places because the people in charge don’t care enough to help them or give money to psychologists or whatever the case maybe.

Not to mention, it has this underlining message of kindness. That just because someone is maybe not financially well off or maybe has a mental disorder, doesn’t give us the right to bully them. The people who make Arthur mad in this movie are the wall street jerks on the subway who assault the girl, they’re the ones who laugh at him, they’re the ones who lie. We need to be cautious of how we treat others. We could be the one beacon of kindness for someone who isn’t very lucky.

My only issues were having Bruce Wayne in the movie to much. Had I been the screenwriter I wouldn’t have mentioned Bruce Wayne-I’d only mention his father like they did. Showing the death of Bruce’s parents was just kinda…meh. I wasn’t interested in that aspect at all.

Again though, this is a very good movie, I totally will want to own this. It’s not perfect, but it’s a really, really well done character study.

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