THE FARMER (Short Film)

Plot: A Farm boy loses his best friend after a brutal and senseless attack. He is forced to take matters into his own hands-but is revenge truly worth it in the end?

The idea for this movie has been in my head for perhaps 2 years or so. I feel like movies represent ‘country people’ as either stupid or evil (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a prime example or even the classic film “Deliverance.”) The city people come to the rural area and are either tortured, raped or whatever else. Not saying these movies never work-but I feel it paints a sort of negative picture.

I think in real life those of us in society who are overly privileged and rich are more likely to not care about others. So, this movie explores a ‘city boy’ committing a horrible act in the country and the revenge that follows.

I knew I didn’t want this to be my usual genre (thriller / horror) so-I made it a bleak drama. Something like “No Country for Old Men” or the 2010 movie “True Grit”. Something sad, grey and hopeless. The ‘hopeless movies’ I call them-the ones that are important, but have dark messages we might not want to admit to ourselves.

Filming in the snow is frankly a pain. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s sluggish going through piles of snow to get one shot-but it was all worth it and added to the depressing feeling. I’d say enjoy this movie-but you won’t. You probably will only watch it once and never look back-and if that’s the case I’ve done my job.

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