A Furry Story



Cover art by Lexi Wulf (Volcan Wulf)

© Equus21 Productions, 2019. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


I dedicate this book to the furry fandom, the people who changed my life and made me a happier person.

DAY 1       

Happily getting out of bed was normal for the toned yellow lab. The alarm clock rang, he smiled, and yawned. Nothing much was on his mind, not planning his day was another routine. He just waited to see what would come to him. Why did he wake up happy? His son.

Hard to believe that two years ago, the teen barely talked to the canine and now he was a chatter box, with him anyway. Not with everyone, it was always a gamble. It wasn’t so much that humans were rare, they walked among the furries (AKA anthros) during daily life. Adoption was what the big deal was. Cooper was one of the first to adopt one of a totally different species, but he was glad he didn’t get media attention for something he felt in his heart was the right thing to do. There is a lot of pain in the world, why not bring happiness? was Cooper’s main reasoning.

Happily hopping out of bed, he performed his 100 push-ups, not even getting dressed before his personal marathon. While it made him break a sweat and maybe at times was painful, it was necessary. He just kept thinking of the morning shower that awaited him.

 Cooper sang softly. Letting his fur get soaked in shampoo and hot water. Slipping on a flannel shirt, jeans and construction boots.

 Cooper rushed downstairs and walked straight to the rather nice but small kitchen. With the home being two stories and the living room and kitchen closely connected, it made for a simple place.

Ruffling his short brown hair, Seth ate his cereal, not reacting to Cooper’s affection. The lab poured himself some coffee and stood by the kitchen counter, complete with a stove top and microwave directly above. “You going to work today, dad?” asked Seth after taking a bite of his grub.

“Yeah. Want me to drop you off at school?”

“Sure. I’ll be home normal time; I’ll probably order some pizza if you’re not back until late.”

“Sounds good. Save me some?” Seth nodded and got his school bag ready with a brisk but not extremely excited air. No reason to get too excited about sitting in a mundane class full of furries and humans, neither of which interact much anyway so early in the morning. It wasn’t any secret either that Seth wasn’t a morning person, but the brisk walk and hum of his father made his heart brighten just a tad.

Cooper could pull out of the driveway with his eyes closed, not that he ever would.

The bright sunny day and the multiple houses side-by-side filled the dog with a sort of suburban bliss. That all the neighbors were friendly, that seeing kids of both species playing ball or walking to and from destinations was a nice thing to look at. Of course, he focused on driving, Seth was important cargo. So important that Cooper opted to get a vehicle much too big for just he and his son, an SUV, a 2019 Toyota RAV4 to be exact. It seemed to fit in with all the soccer mom cars that occupied most drivers in this area.

He was one of the only single fathers, but everyone knew Cooper to be not only a great father but someone everyone could trust. The quintessential Labrador. Happy to please, would do anything for anyone especially if food was involved.

The school yard was busy with large yellow buses and kids crossing every which way. Pulling up to the curb, Cooper gave Seth a hug which he accepted, even though he wasn’t as touchy as his dad. “See you later! Tell me how your math test goes!” He beamed a smile before Seth nodded politely and closed the door. Deep down he’d miss his dad. He might not show it on his face, but he did truly love his father. Not once did he care he was a furry, his affection and kindness trumped all the talk of ‘I’m a human, he’s a dog’. Nothing mattered when life seemed this simple and content.


Putting on his orange apron and heading to aisles of his job was something most found mundane and boring. Cooper looked forward to every event at his job. Meeting new people was a highlight, the department store, Big Buy certainly wasn’t known as the most exhilarating job. For most it paid well, and Cooper’s co-workers would move onto bigger and better things. Holding the clipboard to his chest and marking off what items needed to be stocked wasn’t the dog’s favorite job. His ears perked at every footstep, hoping a customer would need help. That’s what he loved. Helping get heavy items down or measurements or checking someone out at the register. Solitary work had to be done, so Cooper didn’t complain to the boss.

His floppy ears made an extra hop as he heard the all too familiar, large footsteps of Jameson, his co-worker and friend from high school came down the marble aisle. Cooper was 5 feet 9 inches tall,

the Clydesdale who slung a wooden beam over his shoulder was a good six feet tall. Brown soft fur, a bouncy black mane and an unkept tail that nearly reached the ground.

Never did the horse go anywhere without chewing on a toothpick or blade of grass or straw, perhaps it was an oral fixation as he almost always had enough food for a small army at lunch. He also always had food for both the ride two and from work. The back of his Ford truck also had a stash of carrots and apples along with big tools.

The stallion however wasn’t ashamed of his rounded belly that slipped past his belt buckle, and he did nothing to fix his overeating.

“Howdy Cooper!” He said in his baritone Southern accent. The horse said as he gave the yellow lab a mighty hug with his strong farm boy arms as he did every day. Not much phased Jameson. Not once had Cooper seen him really get mad to the point of a vocal fluctuation. “Hey pal! How’s the vegetable farm?” The horse nodded as his ears flicked.

“It’s goin’ as good as it can be I guess. Seth doing good?”

“Yeah, he’s seventeen now. You gotta come visit sometime. I know it’s a long ride, but he does talk about you. Haven’t been to the house since his sixteenth birthday after all. You took him for the truck ride.”

“Sure did. Well maybe next week I’ll come over, things are pretty good on the farm and I guess I don’t need to be there all day every day.”

“Awesome, I’ll make sure to tell him.” It wasn’t a secret Jameson and Cooper came from different upbringings. Cooper was a city dog, loved big buildings, the rush of cars and the miles of walking. Even in suburbia he never failed to walk at least three times a week, bringing him back to the days of living in Boston, Massachusetts. With the hustle and bustle of furries and humans on phones and drinking expensive coffee.

The Labrador grew up in quite a happy home, with two loving parents. It was boring really. He lived the life of most of his ilk. Never once did he take for granted his amazing parents and home in the expensive city.

Jameson wasn’t brought up in MA, but in Tennessee. Brought up by two horses, a mare named Ira and stallion named Howdv respectively.

Living in a farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield with barely any contact other than the 500 people who lived in the town an hour away. His father was a muscular brown Thoroughbred with a stench of cigarettes and dirty overalls. He never was violent towards his family, but psychologically he tried to rule the home with an iron hoof. Always told his son to Don’t help those who can’t help themselves cause then America will be weak. Never trust a human, lazy bastards who don’t know shit about real work. Never let a woman do a man’s work.

Even being a foal, Jameson knew these statements were too firm and to vile for his taste.

One thing he did learn was how to farm veggies, the main source of food for all the furries and humans everywhere since of course eating an animal would be akin to cannibalism. Yes, Jameson loved farm work and always did. He had the physical strength and determination of his father, but the heart of a lamb.

Meeting in high school was nice, not many approached Jameson. Perhaps they were afraid of his already big frame, at 16 (in human years) he was over five feet tall while most of the males in his class were exactly 5 feet, maybe even shorter without a growth spurt. Cooper gave him a chance, a friend. The two met and the rest is history.

The day went along at a normal pace, nothing amazing happened. Cooper liked it like that, no big surprises, no fire alarms, no one was hurt. He was able to get off work early with a full paycheck in his pocket. So, why not do something different?


The bar was located about twenty minutes from Cooper’s home. A rather fancy bar, but the dog didn’t have time to change into something more presentable. Opening his shirt slightly to let in the air conditioning of the large place, he sat on one of the many stools aligned along the marble countertop. Behind the countertop, a human bartender and behind the human, was a long line of colorful bottles. Soft piano music filled the atmosphere with a calm air, but the look of the bar was sleek and modern. A few other people sat, humans and furries alike. Chatting, wearing slacks and dress shirts. Yes, Cooper was out of place with his flannel and denim, but no one cared.

After ordering a beer, Cooper went on his phone for a bit to read reviews of The Original Bell Bar and Grill. Everything was overpriced. Not that Cooper was running out of money, but he certainly wasn’t made of it.

The sound of high heels clicking on the floor forced the dog to look up and see who sat by him. Aside from the elegant sound of her walk, was the scent. An expensive perfume. Cooper felt her eyes fall on him right away, her head turned all the way. Beautiful green eyes. She spoke in a soft British accent almost as smooth as the sound of a book narrator. “Don’t get many guys looking like you here.” The yellow canine lets out a slight ‘huh?’ as he faced her completely.

Her fur was stunning, a soft golden color with elegantly placed black spots around her entire body as if an artist drew her from a beautiful imagination. As far as Cooper was concerned, she was pretty enough to be a model. Her ears circular, her arms slender, her tail long and slightly curled. The cat’s black evening dress hugged her slender body, not an ounce of fat, but not anorexic either. She had a tuft of pretty white hair on her head, like a mohawk but more elegant. “I suppose not, miss.” Cooper chuckled with a blush appearing over his cheeks. “I’m Riley.” The feline extends her hand for a shake, which the dog obliges. “Cooper.” A fancy glass of red wine was placed in front of her, as her hand gripped the base the slight sound of sharp claws gently poking the glass made Cooper slightly turned on if he was being 100% honest with himself. He wasn’t the type of dog to just hump everything in sight, but this cheetah was spellbinding.

“So I can tell by your clothes you’re not some rich entrepreneur or a business man.”      

“Uhhh. No. Work at a department store. Take care of my son after work.”

“Working dog, huh? That’s real nice. Single father?”

“Yup. Seth is my world.”

“Not many men like you come here. Most have never worked a blue-collar job.”

“I usually wear a red collar.” After a soft chuckle Riley sipped her beverage. Subliminally checking his neck for a collar. Nope. No collar. Was he THAT type? The BDSM type?

Her sharp, beautiful white teeth were slightly revealed as she licked her lips of excess wine. The dog started slowly eyeing her body more. In turn she moved closer, wanting him to look at her breasts.

“What about you?” Cooper asked as he got another beer.

  “I play the piano for local clubs and sing. Not usually around here.”

“Wow! Cool! Artists have such a unique way of looking at the world.”

“Like I’m looking at you now?” She winked as her soft hand lightly brushed against his hands, which were folded as he held the beer to the table. She liked his age. 38 in human years, not too young or not too old. She herself liked older furries, she was 21 but perhaps her mature tone and mannerisms threw Cooper for a loop.

Of course, he knew that this was just a one-night meeting with a pretty cat. He knew he’d most likely never see her again. Plus, he also realized she didn’t look his age. Cooper had tiny amounts of grey in his fur when it wasn’t dyed professionally, hers looked clean and young. Vibrant almost. “I should get going. But uh, it was so nice to meet you Riley.”

Gently grasping his wrist, she looked at him with begging eyes. “I have to walk home tonight. It’s late. I was wondering if you could drop me off quick?”

To deny this basic act of kindness wasn’t in Cooper. Whether male or female, the dog would have said yes. It was his nature. One more hour of chat wouldn’t hurt at this point. 


Riley liked a guy who drove a big car, meant that he had control. Cooper meanwhile was admiring the lights as he zoomed passed them, not really asking himself should this feline be in his car. She began to purr as she looked over his toned body, his cute floppy ears and his yellow fur. The fact that he worked out didn’t slip the cheetah, not at all. Nice muscular arms, not steroids but natural, trim strength that made the cat happy.

After parking her at a designated spot, Cooper took a glance at the apartment building she lived in. She was obviously well off; the lawns were mowed, and the color and scale of the area was pristine. These were not cheap apartments. “How long is your drive home?” asked Riley unbuckling her seatbelt. “Not long, thirty minutes. I had fun chatting with you.”

The two ended up exchanging phone numbers. Cooper thought for extra chatting, but Riley knew she could get the dog into her claws for something much more intimate.

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