Riley: <Hey Cooper, I’d like to see you again.>

He didn’t get the text until lunchbreak at work. Was he surprised Riley contacted him? He certainly didn’t expect to hear from her so quickly, with a smile he responded.

Cooper: <Oh heeeey! Tonight looks good for me, my son is sleeping over at a friend’s house.>

He loved that Seth was becoming more acquainted with those his own age. Before it was Seth and Cooper on weekends, going to see movies, going to an arcade, things of that nature. Seth had become good friends with a group of furries, they treated him like anyone else. Him having no tail or fur didn’t change anything.

Jameson entered with a Styrofoam cup of hot coffee and sat with a manly groan; he had just finished helping a bunch of customers with some heavy items. “Everything okay?” He asked this as he looked at the Labrador, normally Cooper wasn’t on his phone much unless there was an emergency, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked. “I met a girl at The Original Bell Bar and Grill last night. She wants to see me again.” As these words came out a smile graced Cooper’s lips and his ears did that cute perk.

“You stud. She cute?”

“Hell yeah, but honestly I’m not going to go full on date mode. I have Seth to think about, what if she considers it baggage or something? Or doesn’t like kids? So, I’m just being a friend now.” Jameson nodded and shrugged.

“Not to jump to conclusions, but maybe Seth would like a sort of mother figure? Not saying you’re gonna marry her, but even as a close friend or girlfriend?”

“I’m keeping my options open. We’re gonna hang tonight, so I’ll keep you posted.”


He sprung from the couch once the doorbell rang, like many dogs would. Cooper quickly combed his yellow fur and straightened his tank top and tight-fitting sweatpants. He felt confident as he opened the door and hugged Riley tightly. She wasn’t much of hugger but returned the gesture, feeling warm in his fluffy grasp.

Sporting a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans, the cheetah entered the house, elegantly swaying her hips. Cooper tried to avert his eyes from her tail.

“Homey place, not too elegant, but not shabby.” Cooper closes the door and crossed his arms. “Just like me.” The dog smirked; his tone lighthearted.

Gliding her hand across a few table surfaces, she gazes at the kitchen and notices the bottles of vodka, wine and beer aligned. Cooper wasn’t nearly as organized as she was, she would have color coded the bottles or something.

Cooper handed her a glass and poured a beverage into each one, a Madras seemed like a good, casual drink to have. Standing in the kitchen seemed to be the most comfortable now, Cooper used one hand to lean against the counter by the sink while Riley stood in front of him, almost stiffly. Like she may lose her spot. Her tail swayed as she smiled at Cooper’s voice.

“So, Seth is at a friend’s house and we can do whatever you want.  Not sure if you wanted to go out or just stay in and watch a movie, whatever.” She had Cooper now. ANYTHING she wanted? Well to do that she’d have to be sneaky, and sneaky she was.

“Well I should say in my past I always got to make my own decisions. So, this is nothing new. I’ve been single for quite a while, in high school I had a few one-night stands, but never anything serious. My parents were neglectful, out all the time and leaving me in the dust. I had the house to myself a lot of the time.” Cooper sipped and lowered his eyes briefly. “I’m sorry to hear that. That’s really unfair. Being forced to practically live alone.”

“Which is why I’ve always wanted an older man. Someone who knew how to treat a lady. Someone who can work hard while I cook and clean, someone I can take care of after a long day’s work. The traditional life. A quiet life.” She had eyed his arms a few times during this speech and Cooper couldn’t do much more than look away. The dog was also a bit uncomfortable with talk of a ‘traditional life’.

“Um. I suppose yes, but you know you have freedom to be who you want. Freedom to express yourself. I would want anyone to feel like they can be themselves and not be tied down by traditions.”

Riley couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed by his response, but as she walked, swaying her hips and inching closer towards him he soon lost track of his thoughts. “I want a real man Cooper. A strong, working man to take care of. I can’t deal with running my own place anymore. I want you to help. Please?” Both look each other in the eye. Cooper had adorable brown eyes; Riley’s were magnetic.

The dog gasped as he suddenly felt a small tickle under his arm pit and the glass of alcohol slipped from his fingers and crashed to the ground. Time seemed to move in slow motion as the Labrador looked down, the cat took the opportunity to interrupt his glance and place her sweet tasting lips upon his.

This wasn’t a quick kiss, for the lips were still locked as Cooper’s ears perk and she moaned into his mouth. Her claws trailed his waist, a feeling of euphoria washed over Cooper. Like being heavily medicated. Cooper’s hands went to her slim waist as well, massaging her.

As she purred, she broke the sweet kiss, Cooper then took the initiative to engage in his own feelings of lust. Feelings that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager.

 The kissing became quicker, and now their hands were working at a frantic pace, a race to see who could be stripped first.

“You bad dog.” Riley whispered as her top was off and the two headed for the couch in the living room. Riley made sure to lie on her back for her new man, she wanted him to do the work. To be the alpha. Cooper didn’t really notice, he just accepted what she did and before he knew it his pants were off, and he fumbled around until his underwear was tossed to the floor and his pink manhood sprung from between his legs.

She moaned loudly; Cooper panted over the feline. There night of passion was far from over.   

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