It was good. Almost as good as the first time. Riley purred slightly as she leans her head on Cooper’s yellow toned chest, there fur was quite tangled. Both completely nude, Riley could bask on the yellow lab’s warm soft fur all day. “I’d love to have a family with you Cooper. Seth, me and you. You, working a nice job, me at home looking after your son and cooking you a nice meal when you get home.” The dog felt the cheetah’s tail wrap around his waist slowly. Her breasts colliding with his nipples as she adjusted her body. Her sharp nail gently tracing the outline of his muscles.

His face turns red, Cooper’s tail wagged. “Well, I’ll never say never I suppose.”


The meeting with Seth, Cooper and Riley occurred a few hours later, and it went well. Riley was fascinated by Cooper’s son, being that she had little interaction with humans as far as one-on-one conversation went. As Seth and Riley spoke of music and her small singing career, Cooper got a few texts from Jameson.

 The horse couldn’t work his usual evening shift, so Cooper would have to fill in. No problem. Seth could be left home alone for a bit. Maybe Andrew could hang out at the house? Yeah. That would work. Both would be responsible enough.


Cooper wasn’t used to working late, but with Andrew and Seth all set with food, phone numbers on the fridge and clear instructions on what to do during an emergency, it seemed 100% okay to leave the two. A chill went through the air as the lab hopped into his car and drove to his destination. Little did he know-Riley never truly left.

As the morning ended and the visit with Seth came to an end, the cheetah pulled out of the parking lot and sat a few feet from Cooper’s residence. Granted she hadn’t sat there all day. She had gone to a local supermarket and picked up some food to have for lunch, but she only brought it back to her little hiding place. Luckily, she had worn comfy clothes, a simple black tank top and tight shorts with high heel boots. To keep the chill of evening away she put on a nice grey sweater before yet again following Cooper’s vehicle.

The dog had said to Cooper that Jameson was the reason he was leaving the house. Which in turn, meant being away from her and Seth. Seth was a sweet, kind kid-Jameson frankly was a distraction. Many men had abandoned her to spend time with their ‘best friends’ and she wasn’t going to let Cooper get away with it. He was her dream. Sweet, funny, strong-if Jameson was going to get in the way, then Jameson wouldn’t be welcome in her life. No. He wouldn’t be welcome in COOPER and RILEY’S life. She didn’t want him there. A guy friend, she knew what it would turn into.

Going out to a bar late at night to visit Jameson and his buddies. His nights were to be spent with her and Seth. Jameson was out of the picture. Not part of the perfect equation. She wanted movie nights, going to the mall, having passionate sex every few weeks. For all of it to work, Cooper had to be home unless he was out at work. What a great life it would be. Just get rid of this one thing that could bring it all down. Jameson.


The automatic doors to Big Buy open as Jameson stepped out. The cheetah certainly wasn’t a fan of his overweight stature, nor did she care for his sort of careless way of dressing. Cooper was WAY to good for him. Really, she didn’t want Cooper to have many guy friends (none would be preferred)-and if he did, she’d set rules for them. They better be out of the house by 7PM, no drinking to excess, no messaging them when I’m talking to you.

Stepping out of her vehicle, she put on a fake smile and a weak walk as she approached Clydesdale. He towered over her. His arms alone were bigger than her entire body. Feeling no fear, she coughed gently.

The two met in the middle of a decent sized parking lot. Big lights illuminate the area, a few cars are parked around the cat and horse, but the place is nearly empty.

The horse nervously rubbed his neck-she would admit she liked his deep Southern accent. “Can I help you ma’am?” She nodded. “I actually need a ride home. My boyfriend left me here after a gross breakup. The asshole won’t come back.” With a small frown, Jameson didn’t quite know what to do. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but should he take her into his truck and bring her home? “Please? I-I really…I really am in a desperate situation here.” Her eyes become big and pleading, faking emotion was something only a true talent had-and she had it in spades. Well, he was flattered she approached him. Maybe he had a kind face. “Uhhh..well I suppose I can! Not like I have much going on anyway. I’m Jameson.”

The truck is large, the seats are large, the wheels are large. No surprise there she supposed as she buckled herself in and Jameson started the loud engine. As Jameson pulled out of the parking lot and the heat began to envelope the pickup truck, Riley removed her sweater. Her breasts bounced slightly as the sweater was pulled out from over her head. The Clydesdale took a quick peek as he turned onto the main road. What a situation. What a confidence booster.

“So, you live close?” Asked the horse smiling slightly. Riley nodded. “Yeah. About thirty minutes. Take a left.” She slowly eyed Jameson’s crotch-hoping he’d notice. Brushing his messy mane, he tried to break the awkward silence. “I’m sorry your boyfriend dumped you. That’s unfortunate.” Riley sighed in fake sadness.

“I guess most men are weak. Not like they used to be. I will say you’re probably a loyal and hardworking man, hm?” Jameson chuckled as he glanced again to her body. He began to sweat ever so slightly. “I suppose, yeah. If I fall in love, I’d never dump the gal or guy I had that strong of a connection to. It would be against my morals.”

Riley gave directions between these sentences of lustful insinuation. She was leading him to a back alley, little did he know. “I’d love to meet a guy like you. Cook your meals, ask you about your day.” She places a hand on his leg, rubbing the denim of his pants.

“Oh-oh really now?” He took a nervous deep breath. His body tenses ever so slightly. “You okay?” She asked sweetly as he continued running her hand on his leg, nearing dangerously close to his crotch. “Yeah! Yeah. Sure am! I’m just not used to…being touched!” He laughed. “Pull over big boy. Into that corridor.” She smirked.

He was a rule follower. A listener. A people pleaser. Which is why bosses liked him so much.

Once placing the vehicle in park, before realizing he was in a huge back alley with no streetlights or homes around him, he is kissed deeply. His brain shuts off. He feels the cheetah slide into his lap. “My boyfriend was so weak, Jameson. I’ve wanted   like you for a long time!” She moaned into his ear which perked, she continues kissing his mouth-he returns the favor. The stallion leaned the driver’s seat back to give the beautiful cat more room to play. As she spreads her legs and pins him to the seat. “Close your eyes.” Using her left hand, she slowly unzips his fly. “Y-yes ma’am.” He says with a smile as his eye lids droop. He neighs slightly as she fondles him, with her right arm she reaches into her back pocket.

For a moment he felt nothing but euphoria. It had been a long time since someone had touched him in such a way-his next thought however was the opposite. Pain.

He goes wide eyed only to see that his throat has been slashed, a perfect smile formation. A geyser of red fluid splashes on the cat as Jameson tenses, he can’t squirm very much due to lack of coordination and now Riley is much stronger than him. He lets out a few ugly sounding grunts as the wound continues to pour blood onto his chest and onto the floor of the truck. Bubbly, gurgling sounds like drowning fill Riley’s ears. Jameson’s warm blood has caked her entire face and breasts. She pins him down which becomes much easier as now she sees his pupil roll to the back of his head.

With a sigh she flops to the passenger seat, out of breath and looking at the large carcass of Jameson the Clydesdale. It was bloodier than she thought it would be-but she had a whole night to clean up. No one would find them in this alleyway. Riley pockets the knife. The only sounds now are of distant cars and crickets. She prepared to clean the evidence.   

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