Four days had passed since the death of Jameson. The funeral wasn’t easy. A wake was held, where humans and furries could mourn the senseless death of a local friend.

Sun bursts through the windows of the funeral home, adorned in one corner is a closed casket with framed photos of the horse in many different stages of life, including photos with Cooper and Seth.

Police had performed an autopsy of Jameson but came up with very little, figuring he was caught in the middle of some bad fight or maybe someone wanted something from him that he wouldn’t give up.

Sitting next to Cooper and Seth during the eulogy was Riley. The human found Riley especially kind and calming, of course she’d never dodge an opportunity to be with her one true love.

Cooper drove as Riley and Seth sat in the backseat. The cheetah placed an arm around the pale human, dried tears stained his cheeks. “Do you want me to stay with you guys?” Riley asked rubbing Seth’s back. Cooper nodded as he stopped at a stop light, glancing over his shoulder. “That would be great. Thanks.” Honestly the lab was happy to have Riley now. The bond seemed to be going from just fun sex to a deeper meaning. Maybe Jameson was right? Maybe a girlfriend (or motherly figure) was what the house needed? “Can you stay at the house, Riley?” Seth asked softly resting his head on her shoulder. So quickly had he become glued to the cheetah. Was the human longing for this sort of dynamic all along? Another parental figure?

It must have been a subconscious idea, he always felt he and the dog made a great team by themselves. Was it the fact that Riley was female? Most likely no, as Seth sat watching Cooper drive, he knew whether his father loved a male or female he would latch onto the idea. Something about Riley holding him felt calming.

Sure, he was a normal teen who liked after school programs and liked hanging out with his friends and making crude jokes, but he also enjoyed cuddling and being wanted. Cooper gave him that, and Cooper’s lover only intensified this idea.

The human wasn’t stupid-he knew Cooper and Riley must have hooked up. Heck how could his dad resist such a beautiful cat!

Once in the house, the first thing the three rushed to do was take off their uncomfortable funeral garb. Riley had Cooper stop at her apartment so she could gather extra clothes, the two agreed that Riley staying an extra day while the father and son mourn Jameson wasn’t a bad idea.

6:00PM at the table, Riley had cooked a magnificent dinner. Turkey and gravy and all the fixings. “Thank you so much for staying Riley. It means a lot to us.” The cheetah nodded. “Anytime. Losing a friend isn’t easy. Why don’t you two take some time off?” Seth perked up at this idea. Cooper shrugged after taking a bite. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt.” The human sighed. “I think I need some time off.” His tone was bleak and melancholy. The death of his favorite horse had hit him hard. Cooper pat his son’s shoulder. “Anything you wanna do, we’ll do it.”

“Thanks dad.” He smiled and continued eating. Riley’s tail swayed; she cleared her throat. “Just don’t stay out too late. I worry about my two favorite guys.”

Two favorite guys? A streak of nervousness went through Cooper. Just a slight pinch of-oddness maybe?

 Well, it’s possible she only said it to cheer Seth up. Maybe deep down she meant best friends? That he could indeed understand.

Doing the dishes was fun for Riley, it was nice to be taking care of two handsome men, she hoped this would soon to lead to Cooper proposing to her. Obviously, they needed her.

She was going to grab Cooper and start another night of passion, but she realized Seth and Cooper were on the couch watching TV, smiling slightly. She didn’t want to bother them. Seth was a harmless teen and he needed his dad. She knew right as Seth went to bed-the likelihood of a good pounding from Cooper was inevitable. She dressed the part-in her booty shorts and slim tank top, who could resist that?

The kitchen was spotless by the time Seth was in bed. Cooper still sat on the couch, looking out the window into the night. Looking at the other rows of homes, resting his head on the arm of the couch he thought of the amazing times Jameson had. Not just with Seth, but their high school days. How many times they skipped class together, how many times Cooper was hemming and hawing over adopting Seth and the horse was with him every step of the way. Suddenly he felt the touch of Riley, her arms wrapped around his chest from behind. She kisses his neck gently. “What you thinking about handsome?” She said gently into his ear. “I miss my best friend.” He took a deep breath and tried to control his urge to shed a tear or two. “Well…I miss you. Wanna have fun?” She gently glides her clawed hand down his t-shirt. The lab gently grasps her wrist and pulls it out. “Not tonight okay? I’m really…I’m just really upset.” Sensing his soft tone, she then snuggled up to the dog. “Well I’m here now. You have nothing to worry about. You’ll be just fine.” Cooper smiled weakly and pat her white mohawk. “I’m gonna go to bed. I’m tired of being sad. Come get me if you need anything.” The dog kissed her head.

Excitement was to high for Riley to go upstairs with him, she was in bliss. Cooper would be with her-forever.

As she stood in the bathroom, looking at her own reflection she knew Cooper was in the other room sleeping. Peaking her head in, she saw his yellow form. She’d crawl in with him soon enough. She debated on going under the sheets and pleasuring him, but he specially said no downstairs. He wasn’t in the mood. She can’t ruin it now. This had gone better then she ever could have imagined. Hormones raged through her.Closing the bathroom door, she quickly ran to the shower, turned on warm water and fondled herself under the cascade of liquid. Closing her eyes, she envisioned Cooper busting through the bathroom door and roughly pinning her to the tiled wall. Eyes narrowed and ready to make her his. She knelt to the floor, taking deep breaths. If Cooper didn’t want her tonight-that was fine. Being left to her own devices, the cat smiled as she reached her climax.     

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