Rant on Movies

I gotta say I’m not really a ‘movie buff’-I’m not someone who LOVES sitting through things-especially if they’re 2-3 hours. I like certain movies for sure, but I’m also picky and certain plots just don’t grab me-about half of movies I watch I either find boring or stupid TBH.

However, certain plots and characters can have a huge impact on me (like “War Horse” or “The Shape of Water”) but then movies like “The Irishman” or “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” I found to be slow slogs that meant nothing to me.

I can never pin point ‘why’ I have this sort of tug of war with movies-like I can’t say what kind of movies I like really-it all depends on a number of factors-I’m a very emotional viewer I think. If a movie can scare me or make me sad or happy-that’s when I like them.

But I watch some movies and I’m left with a feeling of…bleh. Movies that people would think I would love, I end up thinking ‘it was okay’ or ‘eh-it was fine.’ I feel like maybe every movie is its own experience and that there’s no rhyme or reason to my crazy views on film. lol

Like- I rated “Venom” higher than “Blue Velvet”. Pure craziness. Some film ppl would say I’m wrong and don’t understand cinema. I guess I can’t help what I like-it could all be my ADHD or maybe I have strange taste in movies-or both. lol

Like I can’t really tell you why I find a good handful of movies boring that not a lot of people do-I can’t tell you what genre I like most (even though I can tell you what I have enjoyed in the past) I think it’s all just a big guessing game with me.

I try to watch movies of all genres, but it’s all a gamble. I can never say ‘I like horror movies’ or ‘I like crime movies’ because I can name you so many I don’t care for that others praise. I think every movie for me is a different experience. End of rant. 🙂

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