I’ve made a lot of short films, I used to make them weekly. Some I’ve uploaded and re-edited, others I’ll never share online. A film I made in 2009 was one called “Abducted” and looking back, I love some of the scenes, but I used copyrighted music and I also felt there was pacing issues.

So, I decided to take the footage I really liked and make it a ‘flash back scene’ and that’s what really prompted this story. A story of a detective trying to find the truth about his abductor.

My last film was kinda an artsy movie entitled “Red Vines“, it was horror-but in an artsy way. Much like Lars Von Trier’s work.

With this one, I wanted to go back to more straight forward horror. I’ve recently been into Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft and paranormal fantastical worlds, so I took a page from that. I wanted the story to start as a simple dark drama, but then as the story unfolds-the true purpose and evil is revealed.

The ending is very much ‘up for debate’ I didn’t want to have a concrete reason for how everything cumulated.

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