Photo by: Maddie Linguine

Aaron B.

Owner of the company Equus21 Productions, Aaron is a writer / filmmaker / reviewer from Massachusetts. Aaron has made countless amounts of short films with his family and friends, some of which were on a local cable station.

Aaron was meant to be born in October, but instead was born July 28, 1993 along with his twin brother and had a Tracheotomy for the first four years of his life. Due to autism and developmental disabilities, throughout school, Aaron was in special education classes. He found a true passion with writing and making films at a young age and was able to get some ideas out during creative writing in English classes-often choosing to write about talking animals.

Not straying far from the topic of animals as he got older, his books and short stories still typically involve anthropomorphic animals-he officially joined the furry fandom in 2015 and considers the fandom one of the main drives of his creative process.

Along with animals, some stories involve horror, fantasy, drama, and crime.

He is inspired by such creative minds as Richard Adams, Stieg Larsson and Gillian Flynn. Along with directors David Fincher and Guillermo del Toro.