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NOTE: Odin is a German Shepherd and Neil is his human companion. They’re both cops.

Odin ignored the pit in his stomach, the fear of being somewhere new. The new smells, the new voices. Seeing the dilapidated apartment complex.

A grey sky hovered over Neil Bachman and Odin as they briskly walk up concrete steps and burst there way through the building. They had a warrant, and they wasted no time going after the evils that lay inside.

The canine sniffed the rug, it smelt of beer, drugs and semen. Some not-so wholesome stuff went on in this place. How little the dog knew at this point. Yeah, he had practiced taking down criminals, but as his ripe young age he had never seen a real corpse or felt true fear coming from someone in danger.

With his gun drawn, Neil kicked through the wooden door to room number 4.

The room itself was shrouded in darkness apart from a flickering light in the living room.

“Come out with your hands up! You’re under arrest Mr. Pilkington.” Odin dare not whimper now, whatever was going on needed his partner’s full attention.

Trusting the dog 100%, Officer Bachman removed a cloth with a new human scent on it, pressed it to Odin’s nose and released the leash.  “Go find him boy.” Neil said softly and watched his best friend go deeper into this place of filth and horror.

The room was all one floor, so that made searching a lot easier. The couch was ripped, a TV in the corner blared static.

Across from the couch was the kitchen, upon going in his paws clicked on the tiled floor. The dishes were stacked in the sink-and a rancid smell permeated the air. Something vile. A sharp smell of-what smelt like burning wood with a mixture of rotted steak-and Odin knew his meat smells well.

Neil ordered Odin back to his side, keeping his black handgun drawn, he could see what Odin couldn’t-the microwave.

Slipping on his latex glove, Bachman held his breath as he crept towards the busted kitchen appliance and swung the door open.

Sitting in the middle of the rotating wheel in the appliance was a mess of dark red guts and flesh-piled up in a tiny gory mess.

Bachman’s worst fear had come true, stepping back Odin also saw the mess of human remains inside, he nearly threw up. He wasn’t naïve enough to think it was rotten leftover food.

Clicking on his radio, the officer spoke as Odin surveyed the rest of the apartment.

“We found-Pilkington’s baby. D-dead. I have Odin on his scent now.” Bachman couldn’t contain the sick, rough feeling in his stomach-finding an open window in the kitchen he rushed to it and threw up his lunch in a thick, slimy mess.

Now, Odin really wanted to kill this man. He needed the order to do so though. So, he kept his wolf-like rage locked inside.

The sound of a shotgun blast interrupted Pilkington’s feeling of nausea, he was grazed by the little bullets that careened out of the large gun.

The balding, overweight man knelt outside in the back of the apartment building; the gun stuck out of a broken window and aimed into the kitchen. Pilkington thought his despicable crime would go unnoticed since he had shot the cop which was on his ass. How wrong he was.

As the perp leaned against the apartment building, his arms resting on the edge of the bottom of the window, his gun sticking far into the kitchen where Neil lied hurt and bleeding-he was to stupid to notice Odin standing directly behind him.

Leaning out the windowsill from the outside, Pilkington would have nowhere to run as Odin let out a soft growl staring at the man’s huge backside and leapt onto the man’s sweaty, flabby shoulders and bit his cheek.

Pilkington yelled in agony as the shotgun flew from his hands.

Odin didn’t let go of the piece of flesh between his sharp teeth.

Using what little strength he had-Neil stood up, his arm bleeding onto the floor as he aimed his gun. “Odin! Heel!” Like lightening, the dog ran towards the officer-Pilkington would be put away for a very long time.

The image of the roasted baby would permeate the dog’s brain for as long as he lived. Part of him wished he could have killed Pilkington-but that wasn’t the way of justice he supposed if he was to be the best K9 dog in the unit.      


Coronavirus! :O

I won’t be able to attend a lot of cons in the upcoming weeks or months due to the Coronavirus deal. I have underlying health conditions and I’m taking extra precaution to be safe, and I hope all my friends stay safe too.

Rant on Movies

I gotta say I’m not really a ‘movie buff’-I’m not someone who LOVES sitting through things-especially if they’re 2-3 hours. I like certain movies for sure, but I’m also picky and certain plots just don’t grab me-about half of movies I watch I either find boring or stupid TBH.

However, certain plots and characters can have a huge impact on me (like “War Horse” or “The Shape of Water”) but then movies like “The Irishman” or “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” I found to be slow slogs that meant nothing to me.

I can never pin point ‘why’ I have this sort of tug of war with movies-like I can’t say what kind of movies I like really-it all depends on a number of factors-I’m a very emotional viewer I think. If a movie can scare me or make me sad or happy-that’s when I like them.

But I watch some movies and I’m left with a feeling of…bleh. Movies that people would think I would love, I end up thinking ‘it was okay’ or ‘eh-it was fine.’ I feel like maybe every movie is its own experience and that there’s no rhyme or reason to my crazy views on film. lol

Like- I rated “Venom” higher than “Blue Velvet”. Pure craziness. Some film ppl would say I’m wrong and don’t understand cinema. I guess I can’t help what I like-it could all be my ADHD or maybe I have strange taste in movies-or both. lol

Like I can’t really tell you why I find a good handful of movies boring that not a lot of people do-I can’t tell you what genre I like most (even though I can tell you what I have enjoyed in the past) I think it’s all just a big guessing game with me.

I try to watch movies of all genres, but it’s all a gamble. I can never say ‘I like horror movies’ or ‘I like crime movies’ because I can name you so many I don’t care for that others praise. I think every movie for me is a different experience. End of rant. 🙂

The Invisible Man (2020) Review

From the eerie and claustrophobic cinematography, to the brilliant performance by Elizabeth Moss, this is a perfect thriller for our generation. The movie speaks of abusive relationships and how much heartbreak and anguish they can cause, so in that sense the movie truly made my skin crawl. Seeing how much pain one person can inflict on another.

The other side of this movie of course is the title-the antagonist being invisible I thought might be kind of corny, but I was so wrong. I was on the edge of my seat from the very first shots all the way up until its brilliant finale.

I commend Leigh Whannell and everyone involved for giving us a thriller that is a taught, atmospheric and a very real story about a woman trying to have her voice heard and no one believing her-a problem that happens way to often in our society.
I see no reason not to give this a perfect 5 star rating.