Big Day

So, I made my short film “From the Sky” as an homage to one of my favorite low-budget horror movies, “UFO Abduction” (AKA The McPherson Tape) directed by Dean Alioto in 1989. Since I was 13, I’ve had a fascination with alien abduction movies and specifically, his film shot on a shoe string budget using very simple technique. I looked at every clip I could find, I was creeped out, I was enthralled. It wasn’t until recentlly I was able to watch the entire movie, and I loved it and even own it on DVD. Today, I sight it as a major inspiration for my own work involving aliens.

Today, Mr. Alioto commented on the very short film I gave him a ‘special thanks’ credit for his inspiration. Hearing how he enjoyed my movie really made me blush, it’s crazy how for so long I’ve admired him and now-he’s seen one of my works and enjoyed it. Truly a special moment.