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It was good. Almost as good as the first time. Riley purred slightly as she leans her head on Cooper’s yellow toned chest, there fur was quite tangled. Both completely nude, Riley could bask on the yellow lab’s warm soft fur all day. “I’d love to have a family with you Cooper. Seth, me and you. You, working a nice job, me at home looking after your son and cooking you a nice meal when you get home.” The dog felt the cheetah’s tail wrap around his waist slowly. Her breasts colliding with his nipples as she adjusted her body. Her sharp nail gently tracing the outline of his muscles.

His face turns red, Cooper’s tail wagged. “Well, I’ll never say never I suppose.”


The meeting with Seth, Cooper and Riley occurred a few hours later, and it went well. Riley was fascinated by Cooper’s son, being that she had little interaction with humans as far as one-on-one conversation went. As Seth and Riley spoke of music and her small singing career, Cooper got a few texts from Jameson.

 The horse couldn’t work his usual evening shift, so Cooper would have to fill in. No problem. Seth could be left home alone for a bit. Maybe Andrew could hang out at the house? Yeah. That would work. Both would be responsible enough.


Cooper wasn’t used to working late, but with Andrew and Seth all set with food, phone numbers on the fridge and clear instructions on what to do during an emergency, it seemed 100% okay to leave the two. A chill went through the air as the lab hopped into his car and drove to his destination. Little did he know-Riley never truly left.

As the morning ended and the visit with Seth came to an end, the cheetah pulled out of the parking lot and sat a few feet from Cooper’s residence. Granted she hadn’t sat there all day. She had gone to a local supermarket and picked up some food to have for lunch, but she only brought it back to her little hiding place. Luckily, she had worn comfy clothes, a simple black tank top and tight shorts with high heel boots. To keep the chill of evening away she put on a nice grey sweater before yet again following Cooper’s vehicle.

The dog had said to Cooper that Jameson was the reason he was leaving the house. Which in turn, meant being away from her and Seth. Seth was a sweet, kind kid-Jameson frankly was a distraction. Many men had abandoned her to spend time with their ‘best friends’ and she wasn’t going to let Cooper get away with it. He was her dream. Sweet, funny, strong-if Jameson was going to get in the way, then Jameson wouldn’t be welcome in her life. No. He wouldn’t be welcome in COOPER and RILEY’S life. She didn’t want him there. A guy friend, she knew what it would turn into.

Going out to a bar late at night to visit Jameson and his buddies. His nights were to be spent with her and Seth. Jameson was out of the picture. Not part of the perfect equation. She wanted movie nights, going to the mall, having passionate sex every few weeks. For all of it to work, Cooper had to be home unless he was out at work. What a great life it would be. Just get rid of this one thing that could bring it all down. Jameson.


The automatic doors to Big Buy open as Jameson stepped out. The cheetah certainly wasn’t a fan of his overweight stature, nor did she care for his sort of careless way of dressing. Cooper was WAY to good for him. Really, she didn’t want Cooper to have many guy friends (none would be preferred)-and if he did, she’d set rules for them. They better be out of the house by 7PM, no drinking to excess, no messaging them when I’m talking to you.

Stepping out of her vehicle, she put on a fake smile and a weak walk as she approached Clydesdale. He towered over her. His arms alone were bigger than her entire body. Feeling no fear, she coughed gently.

The two met in the middle of a decent sized parking lot. Big lights illuminate the area, a few cars are parked around the cat and horse, but the place is nearly empty.

The horse nervously rubbed his neck-she would admit she liked his deep Southern accent. “Can I help you ma’am?” She nodded. “I actually need a ride home. My boyfriend left me here after a gross breakup. The asshole won’t come back.” With a small frown, Jameson didn’t quite know what to do. She was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, but should he take her into his truck and bring her home? “Please? I-I really…I really am in a desperate situation here.” Her eyes become big and pleading, faking emotion was something only a true talent had-and she had it in spades. Well, he was flattered she approached him. Maybe he had a kind face. “Uhhh..well I suppose I can! Not like I have much going on anyway. I’m Jameson.”

The truck is large, the seats are large, the wheels are large. No surprise there she supposed as she buckled herself in and Jameson started the loud engine. As Jameson pulled out of the parking lot and the heat began to envelope the pickup truck, Riley removed her sweater. Her breasts bounced slightly as the sweater was pulled out from over her head. The Clydesdale took a quick peek as he turned onto the main road. What a situation. What a confidence booster.

“So, you live close?” Asked the horse smiling slightly. Riley nodded. “Yeah. About thirty minutes. Take a left.” She slowly eyed Jameson’s crotch-hoping he’d notice. Brushing his messy mane, he tried to break the awkward silence. “I’m sorry your boyfriend dumped you. That’s unfortunate.” Riley sighed in fake sadness.

“I guess most men are weak. Not like they used to be. I will say you’re probably a loyal and hardworking man, hm?” Jameson chuckled as he glanced again to her body. He began to sweat ever so slightly. “I suppose, yeah. If I fall in love, I’d never dump the gal or guy I had that strong of a connection to. It would be against my morals.”

Riley gave directions between these sentences of lustful insinuation. She was leading him to a back alley, little did he know. “I’d love to meet a guy like you. Cook your meals, ask you about your day.” She places a hand on his leg, rubbing the denim of his pants.

“Oh-oh really now?” He took a nervous deep breath. His body tenses ever so slightly. “You okay?” She asked sweetly as he continued running her hand on his leg, nearing dangerously close to his crotch. “Yeah! Yeah. Sure am! I’m just not used to…being touched!” He laughed. “Pull over big boy. Into that corridor.” She smirked.

He was a rule follower. A listener. A people pleaser. Which is why bosses liked him so much.

Once placing the vehicle in park, before realizing he was in a huge back alley with no streetlights or homes around him, he is kissed deeply. His brain shuts off. He feels the cheetah slide into his lap. “My boyfriend was so weak, Jameson. I’ve wanted   like you for a long time!” She moaned into his ear which perked, she continues kissing his mouth-he returns the favor. The stallion leaned the driver’s seat back to give the beautiful cat more room to play. As she spreads her legs and pins him to the seat. “Close your eyes.” Using her left hand, she slowly unzips his fly. “Y-yes ma’am.” He says with a smile as his eye lids droop. He neighs slightly as she fondles him, with her right arm she reaches into her back pocket.

For a moment he felt nothing but euphoria. It had been a long time since someone had touched him in such a way-his next thought however was the opposite. Pain.

He goes wide eyed only to see that his throat has been slashed, a perfect smile formation. A geyser of red fluid splashes on the cat as Jameson tenses, he can’t squirm very much due to lack of coordination and now Riley is much stronger than him. He lets out a few ugly sounding grunts as the wound continues to pour blood onto his chest and onto the floor of the truck. Bubbly, gurgling sounds like drowning fill Riley’s ears. Jameson’s warm blood has caked her entire face and breasts. She pins him down which becomes much easier as now she sees his pupil roll to the back of his head.

With a sigh she flops to the passenger seat, out of breath and looking at the large carcass of Jameson the Clydesdale. It was bloodier than she thought it would be-but she had a whole night to clean up. No one would find them in this alleyway. Riley pockets the knife. The only sounds now are of distant cars and crickets. She prepared to clean the evidence.   


Entangled in each other’s arms, Cooper and Riley both slept peacefully. Clothes strewn about, a used condom close by, a bottle of wine on the floor close to the couch they both occupied. The dog woke first, rubbed his eyes and was still in a haze of sleepiness.

He couldn’t check his phone while in the shower, but he heard the familiar ‘ding’ notification sound.

After throwing on his clothes from last night, he answered a text from his son.

Seth: <Hey dad, Andrew is dropping me off. I’ll be there at around noon.>

Cooper: <Cool! Maybe we’ll go to the mall this afternoon.>

Well, that made Cooper’s life easier, Andrew was Seth’s best friend. The one he always had sleepovers with, the one who helped him through those tough few years of school. What was great about the human and meerkat hanging out was Seth was also friends with Andrew’s friends, they created a nice little circle of happiness. Checking the time on his phone, it read 11:30. If he wanted to have a father son day, he’d have to prepare now.

Riley was up and making coffee, upon seeing Cooper she wrapped her smooth spotted arms around his neck, kissing his nose gently. “Morning sexy.” With a gentle chuckle, Cooper kisses back. His heart fluttered slightly. “I hate to do this to you, but Seth is coming over. He wants to hang out.” Riley shrugged, smiled slightly and handed Cooper a plate of assorted hot breakfast foods. “I’d love to meet your son! Hanging out with you both sounds great!” The lab rubbed his neck, frowning slightly. “Actually, usually it’s just me and Seth. No offense!” He smiled a bit, his voice speeding up slightly. “Maybe the three of us can hang out another time! Ya know, go to the movies or something?”

The cat didn’t want to seem dismayed, but to her the last sentence seemed like a quickly strewn together ditch effort. Something to make her feel good but in the end, an empty promise. “Well, I understand. Fathers and sons should have days to themselves!” Cooper filled with relief, kisses Riley’s lips quickly. “Thank you. You’re to kind.”

Riley nodded. “I’ll text you later then.” Cooper sat to eat, listening to make sure Riley didn’t need any last-minute things.

After shutting the door, Riley sighed deeply, her heart thudding. She steps down the pathway leading to Cooper’s car, eyeing it, she made sure the lab was out of sight.

First off, she really didn’t believe he was hanging out with his son. Too easy. He probably just didn’t want to deal with her. She loved him, and she knew he loved her, but like most men he was probably aloof. Scatter brained. Dogs were especially forgetful and rather dopey in her opinion.

Kneeling, the cheetah reached into her expensive purse and quickly placed a black remote on the bottom of his SUV. Satisfied with her choice, she briskly walked to her own car and pulled out, turning on some light music. Driving with one hand, she grabbed her cellphone, which matched her purse’s color and texture. She quickly opened an app which showed a large white map of the surrounding area.

A single blip appears on the map, an app entitled ‘LookSee’ showing that Cooper’s car was still parked in its designated spot. An illegal app she bought from a friend. Stick a remote to the bottom of a car (or any object) and the app automatically detects where the quote ‘victim’ is going.

Glancing to the road and now at a stop sign, she labeled this blip ‘Cooper.’ Oh no, in her mind she wasn’t stalking-more monitoring. Hovering him like a deranged helicopter parent. Making sure he was okay. Seth was the only other one living with him and she’d be dammed if something bad were to happen to her lover. Riley was only being a good girlfriend-looking out for her hunky boyfriend.

Upon entering her lavish apartment, she hung her purse up, showered and began to make a fruit salad from her large silver refrigerator. French door, voice assistant, built-in cameras, fingerprint resistant, wine rack, adjustable shelves, icemaker, triple cooling system.

As she built this salad full of fresh apples, pears, grapes, oranges, whatever other fresh goodies were in store, she’d check into ‘LookSee’ and check if Cooper’s car was still parked in the driveway. Which made her feel quite safe, nothing to worry about. Her love was safe from harm.


A father son day was much needed for Cooper and Seth, a walk around a large mall was the first destination. Sure, it was an hour ride, but Cooper wanted time to talk to Seth about school and friends he was making.

The traffic seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary. They couldn’t imagine that someone was behind them. A fancy car, with a female cheetah behind the wheel. How good she felt following Cooper’s car, taking peeks at him when he’d stop at a red light. Imagining what the father and son could be talking about. She couldn’t hear the conversation over the horns and engines of the other vehicles, but it didn’t matter. Soon they’d be in the mall.

A hive of humans and furries alike congregate at one of the biggest malls around. Groups holding bags of expensive goodies, DVDs, clothes. This place had everything.

The human and dog sit to have lunch in a large cafeteria placed at the center of the building. Seth and Cooper smiled as they both discussed everything. A wide range of topics.

Sitting at one of the many tables and chairs set up was Riley, snapping photos on her phone. No one thought anything of her taking photos. Zooming into Cooper’s handsome features.

She thought about maybe trying to push Seth away. Who was she fooling? If she did anything to harm his kid-he’d throw her in prison. She had to slowly crawl her way into his life. This wasn’t a fling. It was a romance.


Riley had no trouble printing out the photos she took of Cooper through the day. She had an expensive printer. After carefully piling her laminated photographs, she headed to her bedroom.

The large wall space beside her bed would make the perfect shrine to her favorite Labrador. The night of hot, passionate sex wouldn’t leave her mind. As she pinned the photos to the wall, she didn’t do so in a sloppy manner. This was well thought out. Thirty photos were a lot, but not enough. She knew she wanted more. Romantic music played from Riley’s iPod; a small smile graced her lips as she continued. The cheetah knew her wall would forever be covered in tiny holes if she ever removed this work of art-but she knew deep down they’d never be taken down.


As the sky turned a pink color, she knew nighttime was upon her. Sitting in front of her large television with a glass of wine in one hand and the phone in the other she prepared to text Cooper.

Riley: <Have fun with your son today? It’s Riley BTW. Lol! >

Cooper: <I did! Thanks for asking!>

Riley: <What are you doing now handsome?>

Cooper: <Nothing really. Why?>

Riley: <I’d like to see my good boy again tonight. ❤ >

Cooper: <Hmmm…. sorry. I don’t know about tonight. Seth is home and I have to help him with homework. Maybe next week?>

Gripping her phone tightly, her eyes narrowed at this evasion of romantic advances. Calm down Riley. Don’t ruin this. He still likes you. Take what you can get!

Riley: <Alright. I guess I can wait until then… >

Once putting his phone asleep and making sure Seth was all set before bed, Cooper was lying on the couch in his tighty whities. He did feel kind of bad for leaving her in the dust again-but he also knew he couldn’t spend his life in bed. He had to take care of Seth and maintain his job.

Cooper turned on the TV to some mindless sitcom and ate a few dog biscuits. He knew he should be in bed at 11 at night, but tiredness wasn’t hitting him. Instead, pure laziness took over. These were the kind of moments Cooper liked to have to himself. Where he could not worry about appearances (not that he did anyway for the most part) but eating snacks on the couch was something someone like Riley never would do. She was thin, clean, fur soft, beautiful spots-mmm. Yeah. She was hot, thought Cooper as he placed another dog treat in his mouth.

Feeling his phone vibrate was a bit unexpected. Unless it was Jameson checking in on things and wanting to make plans, but the lock screen of his phone read <Text from Riley> He figured she had gone to bed. He was going to ignore it but couldn’t.

So, what if she wanted to talk more? He wasn’t going to bed early, that he knew. Putting in his password and opening the message icon on his phone opened not words-but a series of photos. Selfies to be exact. Cooper sat up slightly. Blushing. His phone screen was filled with high quality pictures of Riley, smiling seductively and slowly opening her bathrobe.

The next few photos were of her in erotic stances, in front of a bathroom mirror nude. Nothing hidden. Her bare breasts on full display, in one photo even her buttocks with her tail sticking in the air was proudly on display. This blunt invitation was working on the dog. Could he possibly experience the feelings he had the first night they made love? Only one way to find out.

Cooper: <Could you come to my place?>


Riley: <Hey Cooper, I’d like to see you again.>

He didn’t get the text until lunchbreak at work. Was he surprised Riley contacted him? He certainly didn’t expect to hear from her so quickly, with a smile he responded.

Cooper: <Oh heeeey! Tonight looks good for me, my son is sleeping over at a friend’s house.>

He loved that Seth was becoming more acquainted with those his own age. Before it was Seth and Cooper on weekends, going to see movies, going to an arcade, things of that nature. Seth had become good friends with a group of furries, they treated him like anyone else. Him having no tail or fur didn’t change anything.

Jameson entered with a Styrofoam cup of hot coffee and sat with a manly groan; he had just finished helping a bunch of customers with some heavy items. “Everything okay?” He asked this as he looked at the Labrador, normally Cooper wasn’t on his phone much unless there was an emergency, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked. “I met a girl at The Original Bell Bar and Grill last night. She wants to see me again.” As these words came out a smile graced Cooper’s lips and his ears did that cute perk.

“You stud. She cute?”

“Hell yeah, but honestly I’m not going to go full on date mode. I have Seth to think about, what if she considers it baggage or something? Or doesn’t like kids? So, I’m just being a friend now.” Jameson nodded and shrugged.

“Not to jump to conclusions, but maybe Seth would like a sort of mother figure? Not saying you’re gonna marry her, but even as a close friend or girlfriend?”

“I’m keeping my options open. We’re gonna hang tonight, so I’ll keep you posted.”


He sprung from the couch once the doorbell rang, like many dogs would. Cooper quickly combed his yellow fur and straightened his tank top and tight-fitting sweatpants. He felt confident as he opened the door and hugged Riley tightly. She wasn’t much of hugger but returned the gesture, feeling warm in his fluffy grasp.

Sporting a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans, the cheetah entered the house, elegantly swaying her hips. Cooper tried to avert his eyes from her tail.

“Homey place, not too elegant, but not shabby.” Cooper closes the door and crossed his arms. “Just like me.” The dog smirked; his tone lighthearted.

Gliding her hand across a few table surfaces, she gazes at the kitchen and notices the bottles of vodka, wine and beer aligned. Cooper wasn’t nearly as organized as she was, she would have color coded the bottles or something.

Cooper handed her a glass and poured a beverage into each one, a Madras seemed like a good, casual drink to have. Standing in the kitchen seemed to be the most comfortable now, Cooper used one hand to lean against the counter by the sink while Riley stood in front of him, almost stiffly. Like she may lose her spot. Her tail swayed as she smiled at Cooper’s voice.

“So, Seth is at a friend’s house and we can do whatever you want.  Not sure if you wanted to go out or just stay in and watch a movie, whatever.” She had Cooper now. ANYTHING she wanted? Well to do that she’d have to be sneaky, and sneaky she was.

“Well I should say in my past I always got to make my own decisions. So, this is nothing new. I’ve been single for quite a while, in high school I had a few one-night stands, but never anything serious. My parents were neglectful, out all the time and leaving me in the dust. I had the house to myself a lot of the time.” Cooper sipped and lowered his eyes briefly. “I’m sorry to hear that. That’s really unfair. Being forced to practically live alone.”

“Which is why I’ve always wanted an older man. Someone who knew how to treat a lady. Someone who can work hard while I cook and clean, someone I can take care of after a long day’s work. The traditional life. A quiet life.” She had eyed his arms a few times during this speech and Cooper couldn’t do much more than look away. The dog was also a bit uncomfortable with talk of a ‘traditional life’.

“Um. I suppose yes, but you know you have freedom to be who you want. Freedom to express yourself. I would want anyone to feel like they can be themselves and not be tied down by traditions.”

Riley couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed by his response, but as she walked, swaying her hips and inching closer towards him he soon lost track of his thoughts. “I want a real man Cooper. A strong, working man to take care of. I can’t deal with running my own place anymore. I want you to help. Please?” Both look each other in the eye. Cooper had adorable brown eyes; Riley’s were magnetic.

The dog gasped as he suddenly felt a small tickle under his arm pit and the glass of alcohol slipped from his fingers and crashed to the ground. Time seemed to move in slow motion as the Labrador looked down, the cat took the opportunity to interrupt his glance and place her sweet tasting lips upon his.

This wasn’t a quick kiss, for the lips were still locked as Cooper’s ears perk and she moaned into his mouth. Her claws trailed his waist, a feeling of euphoria washed over Cooper. Like being heavily medicated. Cooper’s hands went to her slim waist as well, massaging her.

As she purred, she broke the sweet kiss, Cooper then took the initiative to engage in his own feelings of lust. Feelings that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager.

 The kissing became quicker, and now their hands were working at a frantic pace, a race to see who could be stripped first.

“You bad dog.” Riley whispered as her top was off and the two headed for the couch in the living room. Riley made sure to lie on her back for her new man, she wanted him to do the work. To be the alpha. Cooper didn’t really notice, he just accepted what she did and before he knew it his pants were off, and he fumbled around until his underwear was tossed to the floor and his pink manhood sprung from between his legs.

She moaned loudly; Cooper panted over the feline. There night of passion was far from over.   



A Furry Story



Cover art by Lexi Wulf (Volcan Wulf)

© Equus21 Productions, 2019. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


I dedicate this book to the furry fandom, the people who changed my life and made me a happier person.

DAY 1       

Happily getting out of bed was normal for the toned yellow lab. The alarm clock rang, he smiled, and yawned. Nothing much was on his mind, not planning his day was another routine. He just waited to see what would come to him. Why did he wake up happy? His son.

Hard to believe that two years ago, the teen barely talked to the canine and now he was a chatter box, with him anyway. Not with everyone, it was always a gamble. It wasn’t so much that humans were rare, they walked among the furries (AKA anthros) during daily life. Adoption was what the big deal was. Cooper was one of the first to adopt one of a totally different species, but he was glad he didn’t get media attention for something he felt in his heart was the right thing to do. There is a lot of pain in the world, why not bring happiness? was Cooper’s main reasoning.

Happily hopping out of bed, he performed his 100 push-ups, not even getting dressed before his personal marathon. While it made him break a sweat and maybe at times was painful, it was necessary. He just kept thinking of the morning shower that awaited him.

 Cooper sang softly. Letting his fur get soaked in shampoo and hot water. Slipping on a flannel shirt, jeans and construction boots.

 Cooper rushed downstairs and walked straight to the rather nice but small kitchen. With the home being two stories and the living room and kitchen closely connected, it made for a simple place.

Ruffling his short brown hair, Seth ate his cereal, not reacting to Cooper’s affection. The lab poured himself some coffee and stood by the kitchen counter, complete with a stove top and microwave directly above. “You going to work today, dad?” asked Seth after taking a bite of his grub.

“Yeah. Want me to drop you off at school?”

“Sure. I’ll be home normal time; I’ll probably order some pizza if you’re not back until late.”

“Sounds good. Save me some?” Seth nodded and got his school bag ready with a brisk but not extremely excited air. No reason to get too excited about sitting in a mundane class full of furries and humans, neither of which interact much anyway so early in the morning. It wasn’t any secret either that Seth wasn’t a morning person, but the brisk walk and hum of his father made his heart brighten just a tad.

Cooper could pull out of the driveway with his eyes closed, not that he ever would.

The bright sunny day and the multiple houses side-by-side filled the dog with a sort of suburban bliss. That all the neighbors were friendly, that seeing kids of both species playing ball or walking to and from destinations was a nice thing to look at. Of course, he focused on driving, Seth was important cargo. So important that Cooper opted to get a vehicle much too big for just he and his son, an SUV, a 2019 Toyota RAV4 to be exact. It seemed to fit in with all the soccer mom cars that occupied most drivers in this area.

He was one of the only single fathers, but everyone knew Cooper to be not only a great father but someone everyone could trust. The quintessential Labrador. Happy to please, would do anything for anyone especially if food was involved.

The school yard was busy with large yellow buses and kids crossing every which way. Pulling up to the curb, Cooper gave Seth a hug which he accepted, even though he wasn’t as touchy as his dad. “See you later! Tell me how your math test goes!” He beamed a smile before Seth nodded politely and closed the door. Deep down he’d miss his dad. He might not show it on his face, but he did truly love his father. Not once did he care he was a furry, his affection and kindness trumped all the talk of ‘I’m a human, he’s a dog’. Nothing mattered when life seemed this simple and content.


Putting on his orange apron and heading to aisles of his job was something most found mundane and boring. Cooper looked forward to every event at his job. Meeting new people was a highlight, the department store, Big Buy certainly wasn’t known as the most exhilarating job. For most it paid well, and Cooper’s co-workers would move onto bigger and better things. Holding the clipboard to his chest and marking off what items needed to be stocked wasn’t the dog’s favorite job. His ears perked at every footstep, hoping a customer would need help. That’s what he loved. Helping get heavy items down or measurements or checking someone out at the register. Solitary work had to be done, so Cooper didn’t complain to the boss.

His floppy ears made an extra hop as he heard the all too familiar, large footsteps of Jameson, his co-worker and friend from high school came down the marble aisle. Cooper was 5 feet 9 inches tall,

the Clydesdale who slung a wooden beam over his shoulder was a good six feet tall. Brown soft fur, a bouncy black mane and an unkept tail that nearly reached the ground.

Never did the horse go anywhere without chewing on a toothpick or blade of grass or straw, perhaps it was an oral fixation as he almost always had enough food for a small army at lunch. He also always had food for both the ride two and from work. The back of his Ford truck also had a stash of carrots and apples along with big tools.

The stallion however wasn’t ashamed of his rounded belly that slipped past his belt buckle, and he did nothing to fix his overeating.

“Howdy Cooper!” He said in his baritone Southern accent. The horse said as he gave the yellow lab a mighty hug with his strong farm boy arms as he did every day. Not much phased Jameson. Not once had Cooper seen him really get mad to the point of a vocal fluctuation. “Hey pal! How’s the vegetable farm?” The horse nodded as his ears flicked.

“It’s goin’ as good as it can be I guess. Seth doing good?”

“Yeah, he’s seventeen now. You gotta come visit sometime. I know it’s a long ride, but he does talk about you. Haven’t been to the house since his sixteenth birthday after all. You took him for the truck ride.”

“Sure did. Well maybe next week I’ll come over, things are pretty good on the farm and I guess I don’t need to be there all day every day.”

“Awesome, I’ll make sure to tell him.” It wasn’t a secret Jameson and Cooper came from different upbringings. Cooper was a city dog, loved big buildings, the rush of cars and the miles of walking. Even in suburbia he never failed to walk at least three times a week, bringing him back to the days of living in Boston, Massachusetts. With the hustle and bustle of furries and humans on phones and drinking expensive coffee.

The Labrador grew up in quite a happy home, with two loving parents. It was boring really. He lived the life of most of his ilk. Never once did he take for granted his amazing parents and home in the expensive city.

Jameson wasn’t brought up in MA, but in Tennessee. Brought up by two horses, a mare named Ira and stallion named Howdv respectively.

Living in a farmhouse in the middle of a cornfield with barely any contact other than the 500 people who lived in the town an hour away. His father was a muscular brown Thoroughbred with a stench of cigarettes and dirty overalls. He never was violent towards his family, but psychologically he tried to rule the home with an iron hoof. Always told his son to Don’t help those who can’t help themselves cause then America will be weak. Never trust a human, lazy bastards who don’t know shit about real work. Never let a woman do a man’s work.

Even being a foal, Jameson knew these statements were too firm and to vile for his taste.

One thing he did learn was how to farm veggies, the main source of food for all the furries and humans everywhere since of course eating an animal would be akin to cannibalism. Yes, Jameson loved farm work and always did. He had the physical strength and determination of his father, but the heart of a lamb.

Meeting in high school was nice, not many approached Jameson. Perhaps they were afraid of his already big frame, at 16 (in human years) he was over five feet tall while most of the males in his class were exactly 5 feet, maybe even shorter without a growth spurt. Cooper gave him a chance, a friend. The two met and the rest is history.

The day went along at a normal pace, nothing amazing happened. Cooper liked it like that, no big surprises, no fire alarms, no one was hurt. He was able to get off work early with a full paycheck in his pocket. So, why not do something different?


The bar was located about twenty minutes from Cooper’s home. A rather fancy bar, but the dog didn’t have time to change into something more presentable. Opening his shirt slightly to let in the air conditioning of the large place, he sat on one of the many stools aligned along the marble countertop. Behind the countertop, a human bartender and behind the human, was a long line of colorful bottles. Soft piano music filled the atmosphere with a calm air, but the look of the bar was sleek and modern. A few other people sat, humans and furries alike. Chatting, wearing slacks and dress shirts. Yes, Cooper was out of place with his flannel and denim, but no one cared.

After ordering a beer, Cooper went on his phone for a bit to read reviews of The Original Bell Bar and Grill. Everything was overpriced. Not that Cooper was running out of money, but he certainly wasn’t made of it.

The sound of high heels clicking on the floor forced the dog to look up and see who sat by him. Aside from the elegant sound of her walk, was the scent. An expensive perfume. Cooper felt her eyes fall on him right away, her head turned all the way. Beautiful green eyes. She spoke in a soft British accent almost as smooth as the sound of a book narrator. “Don’t get many guys looking like you here.” The yellow canine lets out a slight ‘huh?’ as he faced her completely.

Her fur was stunning, a soft golden color with elegantly placed black spots around her entire body as if an artist drew her from a beautiful imagination. As far as Cooper was concerned, she was pretty enough to be a model. Her ears circular, her arms slender, her tail long and slightly curled. The cat’s black evening dress hugged her slender body, not an ounce of fat, but not anorexic either. She had a tuft of pretty white hair on her head, like a mohawk but more elegant. “I suppose not, miss.” Cooper chuckled with a blush appearing over his cheeks. “I’m Riley.” The feline extends her hand for a shake, which the dog obliges. “Cooper.” A fancy glass of red wine was placed in front of her, as her hand gripped the base the slight sound of sharp claws gently poking the glass made Cooper slightly turned on if he was being 100% honest with himself. He wasn’t the type of dog to just hump everything in sight, but this cheetah was spellbinding.

“So I can tell by your clothes you’re not some rich entrepreneur or a business man.”      

“Uhhh. No. Work at a department store. Take care of my son after work.”

“Working dog, huh? That’s real nice. Single father?”

“Yup. Seth is my world.”

“Not many men like you come here. Most have never worked a blue-collar job.”

“I usually wear a red collar.” After a soft chuckle Riley sipped her beverage. Subliminally checking his neck for a collar. Nope. No collar. Was he THAT type? The BDSM type?

Her sharp, beautiful white teeth were slightly revealed as she licked her lips of excess wine. The dog started slowly eyeing her body more. In turn she moved closer, wanting him to look at her breasts.

“What about you?” Cooper asked as he got another beer.

  “I play the piano for local clubs and sing. Not usually around here.”

“Wow! Cool! Artists have such a unique way of looking at the world.”

“Like I’m looking at you now?” She winked as her soft hand lightly brushed against his hands, which were folded as he held the beer to the table. She liked his age. 38 in human years, not too young or not too old. She herself liked older furries, she was 21 but perhaps her mature tone and mannerisms threw Cooper for a loop.

Of course, he knew that this was just a one-night meeting with a pretty cat. He knew he’d most likely never see her again. Plus, he also realized she didn’t look his age. Cooper had tiny amounts of grey in his fur when it wasn’t dyed professionally, hers looked clean and young. Vibrant almost. “I should get going. But uh, it was so nice to meet you Riley.”

Gently grasping his wrist, she looked at him with begging eyes. “I have to walk home tonight. It’s late. I was wondering if you could drop me off quick?”

To deny this basic act of kindness wasn’t in Cooper. Whether male or female, the dog would have said yes. It was his nature. One more hour of chat wouldn’t hurt at this point. 


Riley liked a guy who drove a big car, meant that he had control. Cooper meanwhile was admiring the lights as he zoomed passed them, not really asking himself should this feline be in his car. She began to purr as she looked over his toned body, his cute floppy ears and his yellow fur. The fact that he worked out didn’t slip the cheetah, not at all. Nice muscular arms, not steroids but natural, trim strength that made the cat happy.

After parking her at a designated spot, Cooper took a glance at the apartment building she lived in. She was obviously well off; the lawns were mowed, and the color and scale of the area was pristine. These were not cheap apartments. “How long is your drive home?” asked Riley unbuckling her seatbelt. “Not long, thirty minutes. I had fun chatting with you.”

The two ended up exchanging phone numbers. Cooper thought for extra chatting, but Riley knew she could get the dog into her claws for something much more intimate.

THE FARMER (Short Film)

Plot: A Farm boy loses his best friend after a brutal and senseless attack. He is forced to take matters into his own hands-but is revenge truly worth it in the end?

The idea for this movie has been in my head for perhaps 2 years or so. I feel like movies represent ‘country people’ as either stupid or evil (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a prime example or even the classic film “Deliverance.”) The city people come to the rural area and are either tortured, raped or whatever else. Not saying these movies never work-but I feel it paints a sort of negative picture.

I think in real life those of us in society who are overly privileged and rich are more likely to not care about others. So, this movie explores a ‘city boy’ committing a horrible act in the country and the revenge that follows.

I knew I didn’t want this to be my usual genre (thriller / horror) so-I made it a bleak drama. Something like “No Country for Old Men” or the 2010 movie “True Grit”. Something sad, grey and hopeless. The ‘hopeless movies’ I call them-the ones that are important, but have dark messages we might not want to admit to ourselves.

Filming in the snow is frankly a pain. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s sluggish going through piles of snow to get one shot-but it was all worth it and added to the depressing feeling. I’d say enjoy this movie-but you won’t. You probably will only watch it once and never look back-and if that’s the case I’ve done my job.

Paint the Toon Red (Animætropolis Book 1) Review

Review By Aaron B.

 Being a fan of classic cartoons, such as Looney Tunes and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I knew I wanted to read this. From the cover alone, I was very interested. To best describe this is an ‘R-version of Cool World’ (but MUCH better written and a much more interesting plot.) I won’t ruin the plot too much, but in a nutshell it’s about a human character, named Tyler in a world of cartoons-what follows is a story including violence, dark themes (think maybe a gritty action movie or a noir tale)

I tend to bounce from subject to subject during a review, but I do have ADHD so I guess it’s the nature of the beast sort to speak! What I enjoyed the most here from a writer’s perspective besides the characters themselves (Snappy- the old timey alligator {crocodile maybe?} being maybe my favorite) was the descriptions of the cartoon characters. Of course, in a movie, it’s blatantly obvious who the animated characters are-you don’t question who’s who, but in a novel-everything is up to the writer to convey how characters walk, talk, interact with the environment etc. I was skeptical as to how this would work, I couldn’t imagine writing a cartoon character-so many details and so many actions would have to be done. Imagine WRITING a Wille E. Coyote short? It would be tough in my opinion.

However, A.J. Mayall does a fantastic job describing these odd characters. How their eyes would literally pop out of their heads from shock or how silly some of them behave (much like a Looney Tunes short) As a writer, I’d shy away from writing cartoons, but I’m glad another author took up the challenge, and I feel like this is a story I would have written-I’m glad someone else did, takes more pressure off of me I suppose!

For me, the plot kept getting better and better. I’ll admit I was skeptical over some plot points (turning humans into cartoons specifically) I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this concept, but I really did-it made for amazing character development. The other thing I thought I’d get tired of is the romance between Tyler and his boyfriend, romance is not my thing typically. Again, I was proven wrong. I liked the two couples, they made for kind and enticing characters.

I also loved what Tyler gets himself into, I loved who the bad guys ended up being and there were some extremely unique ideas. What would people do if they could turn others into cartoons? What would a sicko do with that kind of power? It gets depraved quickly.

Speaking of depraved and an R-rating, I am not kidding. Some of the plot even took ME off guard with how graphic the violence, torture and sex were-but I welcomed it (hell I wrote a book about a dragon and knight falling in love, so I have no room to talk!)

The last few chapters totally switched genres, which I really enjoyed. It flowed well. More of an action-thriller type deal, I won’t ruin what Tyler decides to do with his cartoon body, but it’s really, really cool. I was a huge fan of the ending.

The writing was also very good, never did I feel it long, again I have ADHD so for a book to hold my attention isn’t always a given.

I really liked everything in this story, it’s what Cool World should have been-I hope something like this (or heck this same story) gets turned into either a movie or a series. I think something like this would really grab people. For R-rated cartoon content you can’t do better.