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Alien: Earthbound (Fan Film)

The idea for this movie has been around since I was 14-right after I saw the 1979 movie, “Alien.” I wanted to see this creature on earth-no other movies had done it, NOT including the horrible “Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem”, since I don’t count it as part of the series.

The script I had written at the time-was lost since I have gotten new laptops since then, but re-writing it was no issue, since I still had all my ideas, and added new ones since seeing “Prometheus” and playing “Alien: Isolation.” I originally wanted to make this movie right around the time the game out, and I even filmed with another actress and I thought it would happen. However, personal issues happened and I was yet again forced to put this movie on the back burner.

Fast forward to now, I have new actors who love being in front of camera and I got my new camera about a week and a half ago.

Around that time, I caught “Alien” on TV-and I thought ‘I need to make the fan film.’ I had waited long enough and wanted my idea out there for everyone to see! Enjoy! 🙂



Alien Fan Film TRAILER!

I want to show off some of the work I’ve done on this fan film! I am NEARLY done-and it’s surreal. I’ve been a fan of “Alien” for so long, and I’ve been wanting to make this movie since I was 14-yup, I came up with all the ideas for this movie in 2008-it feels good to get a shot to hopefully respect and give something back to this series I’m so in love with! 🙂