Rock and Shock 2018

Had a great time at Rock and Shock! Cosplayed as The Creature from The Black Lagoon Friday night. People wanted lots of pictures with me which was great!


Saturday, I went with my cousin Nick and met a lot of cool indie filmmakers, such as Morbid Vision Films and It Came From The 508 Productions I also got to talk to some authors, such as Adam Cesare, who has a lot of horror novels under his belt.

DpapBT7WwAAcGoV.jpg large

Lastly, I met Linda Blair, star of the horror classic “The Exorcist”! She was so kind and talkitive. 

DpZ9FKlW4AYrlvV.jpg large


Thanks for an AWESOME weekend! Thank you to everyone who took selfies with Mr. Peanutbutter, really made my day! 😀 Especilly the girl who shouted “I JUST GOT A SELFIE WITH MR. PEANUTBUTTER!”

Hightlight of my weekend? Meeting the amazingly talented and funny Justin Roiland, star and creator of Rick and Morty. Such a nice guy! So yeah, anyone who got pictures with me-please send them my way! My email is under my contact info.


Justin Roiland and I hanging out! For like…two seconds. lol!

DOc-4iDVAAAtd8i.jpg large

Dynamic duo!

DOdxkehVoAACFCC.jpg large

Always a clydesdale, never a clyde!

Daiquiri: NorthEast Comic Con & Collectibles Extravaganza 2017

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