“Deadly Seduction” (2009 Short Film)

This film was made 6 years ago, and it’s always kind of been in the back of my head. I like a lot of aspects about this film, and really-for it being made so long ago I think this film is nice. Sadly, it was not shot in HD, but I was able to re-edit certain things (its original run time was I think 30 min.) I love ‘debz’, the obsessed Felicia-I still look at her performance and its no doubt, I would LOVE to work with her again, I think she holds up well. It was also awesome to work with my two aunts, Faye and Joyce-being that I don’t get them often in a movie, plus you can see how long my awesome dad has been acting in my films-yup, we’re still making movies together in 2015. The other actor who was cool to  work with, was Tony Tracy…his scene was shot in Canada, soooo locations played quite a part in this movie. Quite cool if you ask me, anyway…enjoy this labor of love, it’s not perfect…but it is….DEADLY!

Featuring: My father, Rich, Debz, My mom Cindy, my two aunts-Joyce LaChappelle, Faye and Canadian friend  Tony Tracy