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How to fix “Slender Man”…


Written by: Aaron B.

I just got back from seeing “Slender Man”, and it was awful. Maybe no surprise there, but it truly was terrible. Instead of bashing it, here is how I would have made the movie. Give me a bit of a budget and here is what I would have done.

In fact, I made a Slender Man movie, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7l-Uw39idQ&t=9s

1. No summoning of Slendy. Why summon him? Why watch some stupid video wanting to summon him? I would have started off with the missing girl and gone from there. Slowly introduce the supernatural elements. Maybe have Slendy pop in a corner here and there, but keep him hidden until maybe the 35 min mark. Don’t even MENTION his name until that mark either. Make it a mysterious missing persons case.

2. No / fewer Jumpscares. Why do we need a huge BANG everytime the shadowy figure emerges? Silence is much scarier than noise. They’re so many instances where a character is walking and Slendy appears in a corner and all the music does is a loud thud noise. It’s stupid. I didn’t jump once. Have Slendy appear in a corner with only natural sounds. See if the audiences notice him on there own. Have ONE really good jumpscare instead of 100 stupid ones, OR none at all.

3. WAY Too Much CGI. Come on? CGI for a tall call in a suit? You only need to use CGI for things that you can’t do in real life. Why can’t you find an actor who’s maybe 6-7 feet tall, lanky, put him a black suit and apply some faceless make-up? That would have been effective, maybe put some cool lighting on him too. Have him walk slowly or maybe slightly off? The Marble Hornets movie did a great job with this (and everything else.)

4. Better Script. One of the major downfalls was the story. Slendy has so much lure and mystery, why couldn’t something more unique be done? With a monster that abducts kids, maybe have it from the parent’s point of view? Show his / her grief. Show how devastated they are. If you must use teens, maybe have one search for her / his missing sibling? Build up the characters instead of throwing us a bunch of cliches.

Check out DeviantArt for Slendy art and ideas. Fans have come up with great ideas and concepts, Slendy should not be a cookie cutter horror movie. It should be so much more. With all the fan theories and all the mystery, I do think Slender Man could have had a really nice story-maybe even excellent. Slender has been around for 10 years, and the script was most likely written by someone who didn’t even KNOW who Slendy was. I would have given ideas to REAL fans. Give them a chance to shine.

5. Better Direction and Editing. There’s a movie I loved, called “The Strangers.” Came out in 2008. The direction was fantastic. Just little things he did with the camera were awesome. The lack of music, using your surroundings as a character, build up to things, make us feel suspense. This is Slender Man, not Jason Voorhees. The point of Slendy is a psychological terror. I’d even say “The Conjuring” would have been good inspiration as well with its incredible sound design. If I could, I would have hired maybe the guy who directed “The Descent”, Neil Marshall, or my dad suggested Ryan Murphy, who does “American Horror Story.” For writing? I’d say Victor Surge, let him write his character and his vision. If not him, maybe James Wan? Or, an unknown? Have Blumhouse pictures release it or A24.

Final Thoughts. This is so sad. Slendy has SO much potential. So many cool pictures and short films, and this is what we get? Again, it’s sad. It makes me want to make my own feature-length Slender Man movie and give fans what they deserve.




Plot: After moving into his new home, Bryce gets more then he bargained for when he realizes his house belongs to demons, what follows is a series of disturbing, satanic events he may not live through… Inspired by such films as “Hereditary” and “The Conjuring“.


Contains Spoilers. After I saw “Hereditary”, I wanted to finally make a paranormal horror movie. That movie is in my eyes, a disturbing masterpiece. I had the plot for this movie in my head for a while (you’ll find out the whole picutre-watch until the end! 😉 ) After seeing “The Conjuring” a few times and getting inspiration from the cinematagraphy and style of “Hereditary”, I felt confident that I could bring my story to life. The one thing I didn’t want to do was make this my usual ‘fast paced’ short film, unlike my Leonard series or even “To the Slaughter” (a movie I’m proud of, but a silly movie.)

I wanted this to be a slower paced, atmospheric movie. Little to no jump scares, they’re moments of quiet and dread (the opening scene really illistrates the type of movie I wanted to make. The camera lingers for a reason.) This movie is evil. I know that sounds silly, but after editing and watching it-yeah, this IS an evil movie. What does that mean?

Unlike a lot of my shorts, even the more ‘grusome’ ones, they’re moments of levity. Moments where you can sit back. This movie? I wanted you to feel a sense of eeriness and terror the entire time.  Not only that, one of the characters openly worships Satan, I typically don’t bring religion into my work, but to add to the uncomfortableness, I wanted too push buttons, plus it does serve the plot. From the moment the movie opens, I want you to feel anxiety, and I hope it lasts up until the credits. I feel this movie is special, because of the lack of lightheartedness and I got to relesese some images that freighten even me. However, working with my mom and dad for my birthday, was a real treat!

Why art matters in the vastness of life

Even though I’m mostly optimistic and think a lot matters in life, I do often remind myself that we are all human, the vast galaxy and the outer reaches of space probably doesn’t care about us and there’s probably no creator watching us and there’s no afterlife, so make the most of yourself here on earth cause this is it. Of course, I could go through life by just giving up on all my films and writing, I know deep down that my creativity is one day going to be forgotten or if I’m lucky someone will read or watch my stuff and like it. However, in order to deal with the bleakness of these facts, I have to do things that matter to me even though I don’t matter in the big picture. However, I’m not entirely sad about it-because scientifically speaking it’s a theory that makes sense. Why would ONE human matter over the rest? All of our biologies is mostly the same. It is odd to think that I almost died several times when I was a baby due to health complications, and to think that one day I’m just gonna die anyway. Kinda ironic really.

Sure it’s a rat race out there and we are just a drop in a vast ocean, but I think being creative and being showing yourself to as many as you can is better than just submitting to these ideas and let them run your life.
Why not create things and enjoy life while we can? It may not matter in the vast cosmos and it may not matter to other people, but why curl up in a ball and give up? I’m not a great writer, I’m no unique filmmaker, I kinda suck at singing-BUT I wanna be happy and I wanna create and like it or not, people do enjoy art. I don’t care whether people watch or read my stuff in the long run (no matter how thankful I am for support) I’m creating things for me. I’m going to do it whether it matters in the vastness of life or not, and I urge other artists to do the same, we have one life to live let’s enjoy it. That’s the beauty of life in my eyes. We get one chance to show others who we are and what ideas we have, let’s bask in the beauty of life and take it for what it is before we die.


Havenport Farm- SNEAK PEEK!

Read the full story: https://equusproductions.wordpress.com/2018/06/08/havenport-farm-a-furry-story/

Chapter 2- Now

Jacob did not show up the day after, which was odd. Perhaps he was sick or had a family emergency. It wasn’t until the day after, darkness would begin to set in.

CJ bailed hay by lifting the thin ropes that bonded it all together and hoisting it into its proper spot. The sun wasn’t out on this day. Clouds were overhead, but the weather was warm, his usual short sleeve flannel, jeans and brown hiking boots did just fine today. A soft breeze blew through the area. looking out at the workers a few feet in front of him, he smiled calmly. He stood across from the work place, where all his friends mingled. The barn stood handsomely against the sun, still early in the day. The place where CJ stood was a shed full of hay to be delivered to a large company for various materials. As he turned to face his work, lifting the hay into the bed of his truck parked close by, his pointed ears twitch to the sound of footsteps behind him. Being that he was a horse, the police dog didn’t want to frighten him. The grey wolf spoke in a serious and calm tone.

“Excuse me sir, are you CJ?” He turned with a soft smile, his tail swished momentarily, he used his hand to wipe a tiny bit of sweat from his forehead. He removed his work gloves and approached the canine.

“Yes officer, may I help you?” He nodded and took out a pen and paper, a tingle of nervousness when through the horse. Of course, he was always nervous, that was how horses were for the most part. Skittish and always awaiting a bad fate that typically never came.

“One of your co-workers, Jacob Brown has been missing since last night. We contacted his family, they’re shook up. We’ve tried calling a few of his friends as well. No sign of him for a full day.” Thoughts swirled through the horse’s brain. Where he last saw his favorite co-worker and friend?

CJ wiped his hands on his pants, then crossed his arms slowly. “Henry dropped Jacob off at around noon yesterday. Maybe he knows something?”

Sitting in the house away from the crowd, CJ sat with his elbows on his knees and eyeing his feet. Jacob seemed so naïve and innocent, why was he suddenly gone? Perhaps someone took him, knowing full well he wasn’t strong? Someone who lived close by? One of his own family members? Perhaps someone at school was holding a party and he didn’t come home? All these options were brought up and spoken of. He imagined the worst. Henry approached the horse, the dog shrugged slowly.

“He seemed fine when I dropped him off yesterday.” Everyone’s tone around the home was full of worry and deep sadness. CJ glanced at Henry and stood up.

“I’m scared, Henry. I just get these awful images of him needing help and us clueless as to where he is.”

The dog placed a hand on the stallion’s shoulder. “If he’s not found soon, police are going to set up a search team.” With a nod, CJ went to listen to the various police dogs and his co-workers. Feeling sick and dizzy while doing so. Where was Jacob Brown? CJ grabbed a bottled water and sighed, leaning against a wall. His ears flat, this felt like some horrible nightmare.

Closing his eyes, CJ soaked in a warm bathtub, his eyes would never remain closed for long. His nostrils would flare at every noise coming from outside, however this was usual. Sudden noises were not something CJ enjoyed. Moving about the water, he sat up straight, always expecting someone to break in at a peaceful moment. Or Jacob. What a miracle it would be if Jacob stumbled in and the whole story was given. Odd, yes. But even if Jacob was afraid or even terrified, he’d know his human companion was okay. He could picture Jacob’s voice, picture his mannerisms. It hurt. More than any of his co-workers could know.

Two days pass, cops and the various anthros from town searched the farm. Looking through obvious places at first, contacting the high school he attended, talking to Jacob’s parents non-stop. The news of a missing human was big news, sadly it wouldn’t had been a generation before the human rights movements kicked in.

The town of Havenport was home to hundreds of anthros, all species and all sizes, but not one human as they were viewed as odd, pale skinned and hateful. Hateful because the towns with the most humans also had a good amount of hate towards anthros. Even in the modern era of Havenport, racism existed, but now humans were welcome and held jobs and had families. Sometimes they’d get an odd look or two, but for CJ, prejudice thinking was something that never crossed his mind. Jacob was a great worker on his farm and a kind hearted young man and that’s all that mattered. Maybe two or three co-workers were at first leery of Jacob, but time healed the false thinking and he was treated like anyone else. CJ was the one who gave Jacob his job, the one he liked to talk to the most, and the stallion wasn’t going to let his friend down. However hopeless the search got.

Some called his name, some looked in trees. A row of cops and townspeople, all looking for the missing. Behind the farm seemed an endless area of dense trees and tall grass, CJ rarely ventured here as the place was so wide, getting lost was very easy. Sometimes he’d go a few feet deep to get fire wood, but other than that, especially at night-the Havenport woods were a big ‘no way’ for the skittish horse. Going up and down little hills, officers spoke on there walkie talkies if any evidence was found, but always led to a false promise or something which looked like something else.

The looking continued as heavy clouds began to role in and the search party was wrapping up, CJ’s mind started to go to Jacob’s home life and school life. It was true while at work he seemed content, but he didn’t know a lot about what his evening activities were. His parents were sweet as far as he could tell, as Jacob and his mom and dad would often take walks to the farm and say hi even on days he didn’t have to work. Did anything go on behind the scenes? Maybe someone was troubling him? Maybe something at school? That seemed a bit more likely, teenage years were rough, maybe a bully scared him or, worse yet maybe school began to weigh on Jacob and he was self-harming? Just the mere thought of that made CJ nearly cry, was the secret that deep and depraved? Whatever the reason, everyone knew that it couldn’t have been something small. Something was going on with Jacob, and the answer may remain unknown if Jacob is never found.

The wolf officer from before eyed CJ before climbing into his cruiser, the sky pink with an orange hue overlooking the barn close by. The wind is warm, flies began to come out of hiding.

“Get some sleep, CJ. I know this is hard. We’ll find your friend.” Sighing, the horse eyed the woods absently, imagining how terrified Jacob must be. Sometimes imagining his corpse. Without a word, he left as the patrol car drove off, kicking up dust in its wake. Before stepping inside, he slowly moved his head from left to right, looking at the side with Havenport woods, then looking to the other side towards the farm and eventually to the dirt road which went on for miles.

Lying on the couch and looking at the celling, CJ not only felt the house was empty, but had an aura of sadness. He was always alone, but his heart felt alone. Even in pajamas and with most of the lights out, sleep didn’t come easy. It had been like this for a few nights, work had gotten depressing without Jacob’s optimism and cute shyness.

He could almost hear Jacob’s voice banging in his brain. Help! Please! I’m lost! CJ tried to force the sound out by closing his eyes and taking deep breaths. It felt so real. A cry for help he couldn’t answer. He needed sleep. The farm had to go on. Help! Please! I’m lost! He tried to convince himself to let the police handle it. I’m lost! What were they doing now? Sleeping? Working on other cases? The horse whispered to himself.

“Don’t worry. Let the cops handle it. They’ll find him tomorrow.” Tomorrow? What if they find his body tomorrow? What if the officer called CJ in the middle of the night. We tried our best, but I’m afraid Jacob’s body was found in a lake. Rubbing his eyes, CJ stood up and went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water.

The sound of crickets surrounds the place, the hum of the refrigerator provided a smooth ambience. Staring out a window in the kitchen, CJ’s ears flicked. Looking at his half-faded reflection in the glass, seeing his shirtless body. How he stood there. Doing nothing. It disgusted him. Doing nothing but staring at himself or trying to sleep. His friend was almost surly in trouble. CJ wouldn’t stand for it anymore. Briskly walking through his house, he took a quick shower, dressed in a white t-shirt, jeans and his hiking boots, packed a brown leather backpack with food, water, some extra clothes and pocketed his cellphone.

The fear was there, even stepping outside to his all too familiar territory this late at night provided a sense of eeriness. He tossed his bag in his backseat, made sure he had extra gas and in a blur, he was driving away from Havenport Farm. Away from the place he knew. Into an unknown world.




Plot: Trekking across North Carolina to hunt a creature becomes more terrifying than one could imagine…

I had this idea in my head of ‘what if a found footage movie didn’t end with some scary monster, but rather a creepy serial killer in the woods?’ After reading fan theories on “The Blair Witch Project” (such as this one). I was also inspired by a very eerie movie entitled “The Last Broadcast”, so these two movies I would bounce back and forth on as I was thinking of all the ideas.

Originally, I was going to insert interview footage with the family and splice it in to the found footage, but after thinking about it and trying it out, I feel like it bogged down the movie and slowed the plot down. So, going for a more simple route, I decided to go full 100% found footage.

I knew that my cousin and my dad and myself were going on a road trip to North Carolina and we’d see some awesome sights, so that’s when the idea came up again. Apart from the loooong hours of driving (spending nearly 24 hours in a car wasn’t easy on the trip home!)

Nick and I were able to film without any issues. Everyone seemed fine with me lugging a camera around and maybe looking goofy as we were both acting scared or crazy. The locations were nothing short of amazing, and I have a lot more footage than this movie shows. The waterfall was a highlight as I had never gotten footage of something so grand. I also think cousin Nick was the show stealer, and I’m 100% okay with that. I feel like it was as much his film as it was mine, it’s always nice to have someone else star in a movie so I could focus on more the look and feel, apart from the last half of the movie where the ‘twist’ comes in.

The ending footage (from the bridge with the water) was all filmed in my hometown of Massachusetts, which edited together seamlessly. Dad and I had a great time filming his serial killer sections, and yelling into the night sky really added to the fear and dread my character must have felt, it all felt real (hence why we kept our names, Nick and Aaron the same.) So it felt natural.

I’m quite proud of this movie, and I am especially proud of the ending which I think is one of my most chilling scenes ever-and that’s saying something.

Fire Ant- Episode 1: Meet Charlie…

Plot: Meet Charlie, an accident in a group of scientific experiments mixing human and animal DNA. Unlike the others who are programmed to follow Dr. Adler’s orders, Charlie is a fire ant who broke the mold to become a hyper superhero.  


Shane tiredly left the café after a long day at work. This had become his evening routine, it was a nice break from the noisy job he worked during the day. He paid the waiter with a soft smile, grabbed his briefcase and left.

A warm breeze made his loose tie blow to the side a bit. To get to his apartment, the 35-year-old had to walk through an eerie looking alleyway. Nothing had ever happened to him while taking this quick route, little did he know this would change. To keep himself calm, he would talk to himself to try and offset the ominous feeling he got while walking past trash cans and seeing rats scuttle close by. The area smelt of old trash.

All these thoughts disappeared in a flash as he felt a pair of hands shove him into the pavement below. The attacker, a thin, balding man with a knife and smiling looked down at Shane. “Give me your money!” Shane trembled, he was never one to attack even in self-defense.

Lots of memories came up of high school and being bullied-except this time his life was on the line. The attacker swiftly kicked Shane in the gut, with a grunt he fell backwards, his stomach aching. This was it. He would die in this horrible alleyway, he knew he shouldn’t have taken this route. Now he’d pay the ultimate price.

Trying to get a view of his crazed villain, Shane noticed a few feet behind the attacker, a shadowy figure, silhouetted against the street lights down the road. Perhaps it was his mind playing tricks on him, but he swore he saw a pair of antennae sticking from his or her head. His voice a tad bit high, but still human sounding. “Can’t we all just get along?”

Lunging his knife with a slight yell, the attacker swung for Shane, ignoring the figure.In a flash, the half-insect half-human grabbed the robber’s wrist and twisted, which proved to be effective, this hero was buff. His skin dark red, his arms extremely flexible as he seemed to be able to move very acrobatically. The odd creature then threw a kick to his stomach. He moaned in pain and didn’t try to move again.

His gloved hand grabbed Shane’s hand tightly, pulling him up. Shane had to look slightly downward to get a better view, as his hero was a little over 4 feet tall. His features were that of a typical fire ant, apart from pinchers and instead of six limbs sticking out from all sides, he had two arms placed on either side of his toned body. “Thank you, sir. You saved my life.” Shane’s voice quivered as he was still in a state of shock. “Name’s Charlie.” He said with a kind smile, looking up at the human he just saved. “Are you a monster?”

Shane asked in a nervous tone, hoping he didn’t offend him too much. “An unflattering word for an ant, but maybe to some!” Charlie rubbed his neck while giggling. Of course, seeing a talking, clothes-wearing insect brought upon quite confused feelings as Shane sat on a nearby curb with a huff. Maybe he was going crazy? Should he check himself into an asylum? It didn’t seem like a bad idea until Charlie sat by Shane, his antenna wiggled, slightly brushing Shane’s hair. From science class, he remembered that’s how ants could get a feel or smell of something.

The slight brush of this meant to Shane that either he really WAS crazy, or that whoever or whatever it was seemed concerned for him was in front of him. Cocking his head, Charlie tried to get a better view of his new acquaintance, he never seemed to stop giving off his warm smile. “You okay buddy?” With a pause, Shane couldn’t stop staring at the guy who saved him. “I think I’m going crazy. There’s a giant ant in front of me.”

He began to stutter. Charlie stayed quiet. “And the man, he attacked me! But, I’m not dead. You saved me.” Sensing his tone go up, Charlie put a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s get you to my place, okay?”After a short walk to the apartment, Charlie and Shane sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in each hand. “Are there more like you?” The ant nodded softly. “Born in raised in a lab, I saw a lot of weird stuff.” “So, you escaped?”

Charlie finished his drink. “Yeah. It was fun.” Shane’s eyebrow rises. “Fun? Not terrifying or scary? Fun.” Charlie smiled. “I guess when you have newly discovered powers, you either enjoy it or let it go to waste.” Shane paused. “So, what about other people? How do they respond to you?”

The ant nodded and eyed Shane. “They’ve seen me. I’ve had a few articles written about me. As I said, they’re others like me so perhaps people have seen them? The amount of genetically engineered animals is rising.” Shane was introduced to concepts he had never heard of. Weird science experiments, talking animals who were way bigger than usual. It all seemed like some odd dream. In all honesty, he was more shaken by being attacked than talking to an ant. However weird he was or where he came from, the fact remained that Charlie saved his life. “I better get going” Shane stood slowly.

Charlie gave Shane his phone number, in hopes a friendship would soon turn up. Not many humans trusted this ant, so having someone to talk to would be nice. Charlie’s apartment is now filled only with the ambience of cars driving by and the occasional dialogue from pedestrians laughing or talking loudly.

The city of Boston offered a lot of fun for him, whether it be catching criminals or trying to interact with the public, but when home alone the feeling of isolation was a bit sad. Removing his usual crime-fighting attire, a long-sleeved black shirt, black jeans and hiking boots, and hanging it up in a secret closet. He lied in his bed nude reading a book. Shane sat on the couch at his place, researching online about these odd genetically modified animals. Charlie was right, people knew about them. He found eyewitness photos of all types of strange creatures, from dogs, to wolves to other insects. He texted Charlie to let him know he made it home safely. The two would meet sooner than he realized.


Waking up in a cold cell was something Charlie was used to. His brain felt functional in his newly found body, the transformation had completely taken over a month ago. Looking through the metal bars, he saw what he always saw, a white room, aligned with other metal cages and other humanized animals. All ranging in size, but Charlie is the shortest.

The other test subjects looked worse than he did, tired eyes, lying motionless. Some of them even quite sick. A nearby wooden door opened to reveal a balding, thin 50-year-old male in a lab coat, tie and slacks, his name tag reads Dr. Adler. Being fearless, Charlie didn’t cower like the others did as he put on rubber gloves and opened a nearby briefcase.

His voice calm and almost kind sounding. “You guys are looking amazing.” As he spoke, he approached each anthro animal and injected each with an unknown substance. Going along the rows, Charlie eyed him cautiously. When Adler approached the fire ant, he smiled and forcefully grabbed his hand through the bars. “You’ve always been a hyper one!” The needle pinched Charlie’s skin, he didn’t fight, barely winced at the pain.

As Adler finished his work for the morning and wrote down unknown scribblings in a journal, Charlie realized that if he wanted to escape, he’d have to use his newly found abilities. He was short. Which could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation. Slipping through the bars wasn’t an option, not only were they too small, but there were security cameras placed about. How could one escape without alerting the security guards or Adler? Sitting in a corner, Charlie didn’t lose hope.

There had to be some design flaw he could take advantage of. He didn’t know it yet, but the answer was right under his nose.


Concentrating on paperwork could not be done today, Shane decided to go to the break room and get some coffee. It was still early, so he knew he could get away with it. Swirling through his brain was Charlie, his look so unique. What else could a giant ant do? The world itself was not what it seemed, and Shane wanted to learn more. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he shot Charlie a text message.

Shane: Charlie! It’s Shane. I’m at work now but I did some reading on you last night. My brain hurts. Lol! Seriously, this stuff is incredible.

Charlie: You stalking me? 😉

Shane: Yes. Lol! Will I see you again soon bud?

Charlie: Totally!

Deep down he hoped he wasn’t bothering Charlie, then again, he did give Shane his cell number, so perhaps Charlie wanted the interaction. Shane smiled a bit, feeling a bit more at ease as he grabbed a coffee cup and began making his morning drink.

That afternoon, as the sun shined bright and a gentle breeze blew through the city, Charlie and Shane meet up at a small café. The ant wearing a denim jacket and khakis and Shane still in his work clothes, after a brief hug the two sit across from each other. “I read about your past, with Dr. Adler and his experiments. I found your story quite inspiring. The way you escaped.”

Using his antennae to first sniff the coffee, then take a sip he smiled. “You really did your homework. Gosh, you’re one of the only people who got back to me after saving them.” “What do you mean?” Charlie paused. “Well, usually when I save someone, they thank me and I never see them again.” The human couldn’t help but feel a bit bad. “That kinda sucks. You do so much for others.” Charlie didn’t notice, at a table to the left, an experiment like himself. Dressed in a black hoodie and black cargo pants.

Unlike Charlie, however, his intentions were not as kind. The animal’s ears twitch, listening to every word of the conversation. He sniffed the air trying to get a sense of Charlie’s aroma and smirked as he now knew who Charlie’s new friend was.

He stands up and goes down the sidewalk a few blocks, passing bookstores and pawn shops. Cars zoom by him, he gets to a relatively quiet spot and takes his cell phone out. The wolf spoke with a tinge of excitement. “Adler, I know where Charlie is.” Adler spoke on the other end in disbelief. “The damn insect! So long in hiding! You’re a genius! Follow him home. Bring him to me.” The canine smiled. “One more thing. He has a human friend with him. Not sure what his name is but I’ll try and get a picture of them. Wolfy out.” He hung up in a snap, tail wagging gently.

In his white, sterile office, Adler stood up, beginning to pace the room. His plan was working, sending out a few anthros at a time to deal with Charlie’s heroics might work. His cages now empty, his experiments out and about. They had been out for the past year, Charlie was the only one to escape under his supervision.

Adler didn’t want him to get out, unlike the others. His plan? Once apprehending Charlie, he could perhaps kidnap more humans and do more testing. The less humans, the more he could have under his wing. Charlie was a mistake; the others were very responsive to his actions. He didn’t dare make more until the ant was taken care of, the little bugger was an amazing hider. Now Charlie was closer than ever.

After a year of planning, everything seemed to fall into place. Shane and Charlie spent the day walking the city, a few folks recognized him, but didn’t say much. Perhaps the city was afraid of these humanoid animals, which was a possibility. The notion of creatures walking about the city wasn’t brand new, but new enough that most tried to ignore them. They would even attack unprovoked, granted it was rare enough that police didn’t arrest them on the spot, but no one would be surprised if that was the case.

Adler would try and call the police to tell them to arrest Charlie so he could get him, but the chief told him that of course Charlie was a city hero. He didn’t do anything inherently wrong, perhaps broke a few things on accident during a fight but Charlie was either tolerated or well liked. Adler tried everything before resorting to sending out his precious animals. After creating such a monumental leap, he didn’t want them beat up. But now, he realized that Charlie was no good. Not a follower, not a listener. A rebel. Doing things the legal way was not a possibility anymore. Charlie needed to die.

The red ant hummed as he removed his jacket and shut the door to his apartment. He put his coffee machine on and waited for a cup to brew, while he waited he flicked on the nearby CD player in the kitchen. Moving his head to the upbeat music (“Southern Nights” by Glen Campbell) , he got out coffee cream and sugar. Lots of sugar. The sound of glass shattering and feeling the weight of a large, fluffy wolf collide into him like a scary linebacker interrupted his afternoon routine. Charlie crashed on his back, the white canine on top of him, he wrapped his claws around his victim’s throat. Charlie got a good look at the snarling beast, he knew the smell came from Adler’s office.

After a year, he came out of hiding to strike. Charlie thought he was safe from the creator he once lived with, but realized it was too good to be true. Breathing soon became a bit of a chore, Charlie didn’t have the strength to push him off. However, he had something that not everyone knew of. Releasing one of his hands and making a fist, he sprayed a short burst of clear acid into the wolf’s eyes. His paws automatically hit his face, giving Charlie ample time to make his next move. Howling in pain, the ant stood up, grabbing the toaster he whacked the dog in the head, causing a cringy sound of bone against metal. The dog was quite a bit taller than Charlie, about 6 feet tall to Charlie’s 4 feet.

The beast then swung a punch, hitting him square in the jaw. Then swung again, hitting his cheek. The ant then leapt onto the wolf’s shoulders, his sticky hands becoming of prime use, he used one arm to grab his throat and yank him to the ground. The two sat struggling on the kitchen floor the wolf was too tall to control, he knew snapping his neck would be impossible and Charlie had a bit of an awkward grip on him to begin with.

He then eyed the cabinet sitting beside him full of pots and pans. He smirked and rammed the wolf’s head into the door, causing it to break, he whimpered. The dog fell limp onto one side, the ant sighed deeply as his face began to hurt. He stood up, deciding to still make his coffee, he sipped. As he did so, he eyed the knocked-out body and reached into the pocket of the dog, breaking his cell phone in case a tracker was present.

He then called 9-1-1.Once the wolf was apprehended by the cops, Charlie lied on his couch tiredly with an icepack on his bruised cheek. He let an officer sit outside his home for a bit. A splitting headache caused the ant to grow a bit irritable, so he decided to close his eyes.


The sound of a cellphone ring woke Charlie from his slumber, it was 8AM. His voice groggy, he answered. “Hello?” “Hey Charlie, it’s Shane. I was wondering if you wanted to go out again?” The ant smiled a bit at Shane’s kindness. “I’d love to bud, but I’m not feeling good.” “You sick?” “You could say that.” Charlie didn’t want to lie to him. He realized Shane truly did care and lying was something he rarely did. He sat up rubbing his eyes with his arm. “I had a break in. Doctor Adler knows where I am.” Shane paused. “My God! Are you okay? Want me to come over?”

As soon as he came over, Shane helped Charlie clean up the access glass. After a warm shower, Charlie offered snacks to Shane. “Has this kind of thing ever happened?” Charlie shook his head. “No. For a year I thought I was safe, Doctor Adler didn’t really slip my mind, but I got caught up with other things.” Shane smirked. “Like saving the world?” “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Shane admired how Charlie was still able to smile and act happy through the pain. That was him. Smiling through everyday no matter what.

Entering a motorcycle shop at sunset a week after the attack, Charlie looked about. He realized he should have a getaway vehicle. The city offered public transportation and that had worked for a while, but if Dr. Adler could send anyone to him at any time, he felt unprepared and a bit vulnerable. Meeting with the shop keeper, the bearded male smiled. “You Charlie?” He said with a firm handshake. “Sure am!” “You kick ass. You’re a brave little fellow.” With a blush, he smirked. “Thanks! I appreciate it.” He showed the desk guy his motorcycle license, he had it since college. “An ant on a motorcycle, huh?” Going through the types of motorcycles was something the owner could do in his sleep, Charlie intently listened, weighing pros and cons. Charlie picked out a set of wheels, a black Ducati. Straddling it, he looked quite content. “How fast does she go?” “160.0 bhp” the male human said nodding. “You’ll need a helmet too of course. Have any questions for me?” Charlie smiled, still sitting upon his new toy. “Does it come in red?”