Restoring Emma


PLOT:  In this twisted psychological horror film, a brother tries to help his deformed sister-even if it means going to the darkest lengths…

This Portion of The Blog Has Spoilers

This movie came about when I sort of wanted to do something more ‘twisted’. A part from the two witch movies I made, “Coven Nextdoor” and “Hex” and the “Alien” fan film-horror is a genre that I’ve stayed away from-I feel like I’m more of a psychological thriller guy, they’re both different genres for sure. So, I knew I wanted to do something edgier, something with more scares and more weirdness.

I had seen a movie entitled “Eyes Without A Face”, a French film made in the 1960s. I wanted to use that kind of plot structure, and I’ll willingly admit that if I hadn’t seen that, this movie would not have been made, I guess you could almost consider this a ‘remake’…but I also simplified everything and changed the ending, so maybe not.

This is J. Pao’s first movie, she had seen a few of my short films and said they were great, and it took me a bit to muster up the courage to ask her to be in one. She was very open minded, soft spoken and really great to bounce ideas off of, she asks a lot of questions about the film making process and the script-which I was thrilled to answer.

Adding to the creepiness, I bought a new type of blood makeup online, and it really did the job, poor Katherine (who now has been in three of my shorts) had to lie on the floor as my awesome mom applied the effect (along with blood made by the grandmother, which had been in the fridge and cold!) We had a blast to say the least, and when I showed everyone the final product, a lot of cringing during a ‘certain scene’ happened-which as a storyteller and film maker, was a huge compliment!

This movie was shot in about four days, with all types of new filming techniques and lightning, I really wanted to set a cool mood with this movie and not just point the camera at stuff I liked, I hope horror movie people enjoy!

Why I’m In Love With Writing Detective Keaton Stories….

I’ve written SO many furry stories in the past (not all of which are on this site.) Writing self-contained stories is fun, I get a new creative experience with every one, but on the other hand, it’s hard. It’s hard because I literally have to invent a new character(s) and a completely new story for all of them-and I think there came a time in my furry stories, where they all just became too similar. Coming up with new names was a pain in the butt, coming up with different types of personalities was just as hard-if not harder.

With my Leonard series, I got to invent a new character (a fursona which is much more personal than just another fictional character.) I get to exclusively write about him, so I don’t have to introduce him as thoroughly in each story.I get to expand on his ideals, morals and his sense of right and wrong.

With a series, the reader can get attached to any of the re-occurring characters, feel for them, hope that they don’t die..etc. Also, I truly think my fursona is unique-he’s nothing like me in real life. Also, unlike most furries-as you may or may not have read, he hates hugs and an over abundance of social interaction, so I also like to be able to capture other furrie’s reactions to him. With every new case, I can bring some kind of new emotional depth too all the characters-and in the second Leonard story, a major character is indeed being introduced. We’ll learn more about Leonard’s human son, who has his own ideas and beliefs about who is dad is, and a bit more about his past…plus, I can leave you guys with cliffhangers! While I of course will write novelettes, my ‘stand alone’ furry stories will now be few and far between-because now I feel like I have a character I really want to experiment with and show you guys more of-I hope everyone will join me on Leonard’s adventures! 🙂

All of his stories will be posted HERE