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This is a fan film of a classic TV show from the 60’s entitled “Underdog”. I hope you enjoy!

This little movie was something I had in mind for a while, what would the silly 60’s cartoon look like with a Christopher Nolan type feel? Using similar music ques and a darker tone as far as the film making style went. Well, I hope I somewhat did that right. Filming in Philadelphia was awesome and those were the first shots filmed for the movie, including my cousin Nick as the bad guy, Raff. He’s been in a lot of my movies and he is a joy to work with, always has a lot of good ideas! He was in Genesis not to long ago. The drive was long to and from that location, but I think I got some awesome nighttime city footage-which this movie really needed.

The next scene filmed was on Christmas day, with Brian, my other cousin. You’ll remember him from the Daiquiri Christmas Special and the cameo in my other fan film, Alien: Earthbound. We filmed his scene in perhaps 10 min or so in among all the holiday festivities. The scenes with dad and I were filmed a day or so later, so I combined the two scenes and I think they both flow well. Overall, this movie was done for purely fun. I wasn’t tackling some life long project, but as said-fun was the main motivator.



Underdog (Fan Film)- Production Stuff!

I am filming a fan film of UNDERDOG, the show from the 60’s. Basically, I’m giving him not only a fan film, but a sort of re-imagining.

What would UD look like in a Christopher Nolan universe? Well, hopefully this movie sort of answers that- I do keep a sort of a comedic vibe going since it’s not meant to be taken 100% seriously. Below are some pics. 🙂

25587804_1527534690698486_2922504946672612572_oNicholas C. plays Raff. The main antagonist.


Location photo. I am SO glad part of this movie was able to be filming in the amazing city of Philadelphia

25790963_1527534694031819_7186824153019555338_oRichard Bissell plays UNDERDOG!


An on set photo of Brian C. playing a security guard. You may remember him from my films Record and his cameo role in my fan film, Alien: Earthbound.

Alien: Earthbound (Fan Film)

The idea for this movie has been around since I was 14-right after I saw the 1979 movie, “Alien.” I wanted to see this creature on earth-no other movies had done it, NOT including the horrible “Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem”, since I don’t count it as part of the series.

The script I had written at the time-was lost since I have gotten new laptops since then, but re-writing it was no issue, since I still had all my ideas, and added new ones since seeing “Prometheus” and playing “Alien: Isolation.” I originally wanted to make this movie right around the time the game out, and I even filmed with another actress and I thought it would happen. However, personal issues happened and I was yet again forced to put this movie on the back burner.

Fast forward to now, I have new actors who love being in front of camera and I got my new camera about a week and a half ago.

Around that time, I caught “Alien” on TV-and I thought ‘I need to make the fan film.’ I had waited long enough and wanted my idea out there for everyone to see! Enjoy! 🙂



Alien Fan Film TRAILER!

I want to show off some of the work I’ve done on this fan film! I am NEARLY done-and it’s surreal. I’ve been a fan of “Alien” for so long, and I’ve been wanting to make this movie since I was 14-yup, I came up with all the ideas for this movie in 2008-it feels good to get a shot to hopefully respect and give something back to this series I’m so in love with! 🙂