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FROM THE SKY (Short Film)

Inspired by the work of Dean Alioto and his 80’s horror movie “U.F.O. Abduction”, after his cousin is abducted, Mike goes out to look for her and discovers a horrifying and unearthly payoff to his endeavors, filmed part ‘vlog-style’ and part cinematically to fully capture the terror and isolation of being subjected to an alien encounter.

BLOG PORTION: This movie really came about after I really wanted to tackle aliens again. Of course I made the “Alien” fan film a while ago, but I wanted to do something ‘classic.’ I had seen a movie entitled “UFO Abduction” directed by Dean Alioto. Basically the movie tells the story of a girl having a birthday party, then it is interrupted by aliens. The movie came out BEFORE “The Blair Witch Project”, marking it maybe the first real ‘found footage’ horror movie.

Well, I was impressed by this movie (I had been tracking it for years and I finally saw it on you tube a few months back.) So, when I re-watched it I took notes as to what I wanted to use. The red light for example was Dean’s idea which I ran with, but I also wanted to add my own flare.

So, instead of the entire movie being found footage, I decided to do half and half. Much like “District 9” which showed part news footage and part traditional movie, switching between ‘vlog’ and ‘film’ was a challenge due to editing (converting files and such was a pain) but I’m glad with how that part came out.

The first part of the movie was filmed in February, when my two aunts and my second cousin, Maddie (who you’ve seen in more of my movies) were visiting. They didn’t know they’d be in a movie, so when I took the opportunity to film them, that was there first real reaction. It was very natural and flowed well. Those scenes were the easiest.

My next challenge was to find an awesome alien mask, so I bought one online for 40 dollars, and it was worth it. Took me a while to settle on a final design. The only other big thing to deal with was the set. I wanted to show what happened to my character after the abduction, my friend Cab (who is new to Equus21 Productions) helped me immensely by not only being a camera person, but she helped with continuity and wrapped my brother’s jogger all in tinfoil, which took a while but it came out great.

Over all, this movie was a blast to make-it was cool to go back to something I’ve always loved, aliens and UFOs.

A Krampus Story (Short Film)


This short film was entirely done by yours truly-apart from of course the obvious other character in the movie-I played myself, Krampus, edited and filmed this little project. I had come up with the idea long before I knew much of the recent movie that came out (which I have seen and it is so cool!)  I however wanted to take this whole thing back to its roots, the ‘classic Krampus’ where he invades your home, beats you up, throws you in a sack and to his lair. I thought it would be perfect set up for a holiday movie (which I try to put out once a year at around this time.)

Sadly, I had come up with the idea during my wisdom teeth surgery, so I was sort of concerned that I would run out of time. I spent a lot of time lying down and such-but I did get to a point where I could get up and not be in too much pain (however, during the Christmas party opening scene…my mouth was indeed in pain and I could not eat any of the food in front of me!) Also, when I filmed the grandmother scene at the table, my mouth was hurting-which didn’t matter to me much, but it certainly was a unique experience filming under those kinds of conditions. I knew however, right when the dentist took the stitches out and sent me on my way-I had to get moving.

I bought the demon mask online, and the Santa jacket Krampus wore, my mom actually found while we were shopping! Great find by her, truly put the finishing touch on the holiday look of the creature.

I filmed my scenes first, then filmed myself as Krampus (not easy-but not impossible either.) Filming all on my own gave me 100% freedom, but without extra hands, setting up decent shots was a bit of a chore, but I think this movie came out really well-and I hope Krampus fans enjoy it!