A GIRL I KNOW (Short Film)

PLOT: A young man named Andrew finally meets his online best friend, Gillian. Soon after-dark secrets and violence emerge for the two of them…


The idea for this movie came about when I was in High School, a student had made a film entitled “Her Best Friend”-I actually gave her the initial plot and played a role in the movie. I then told her I’d do a film that was similar, but it didn’t happen for a bit.

I then saw the brilliant thriller “Gone Girl” directed by my favorite director of all time, David Fincher, and I sort of got the inspiration to tell the story in the way I did.

You’ll recognize the actress, Katherine Martin from her movies “Paw and Order” and my fan film, “Alien: Earthbound.” Her and I actually wrote  the script together-bouncing back and fourth between ideas, so the creation was quite fun, we both knew the type of film it was going to be for sure.

Originally, my cousin Nick was not in the film-but he was kind enough to be in the film for a bit when he came back from California (he was in my vampire film, “Into Darkness” and “The Idols”.) I think the movie is better for it-gives everything a new dimension to have an extra character.

The hardest part of making the film was not the filming itself, that was a blast-what was hard was editing. Being that the plot structure requires certain scenes to be revealed at different points, sometimes it was hard to know how much to give the audience, and we shot out of order-so I had to be careful and watch scenes carefully-all part of the fun process though!

I feel like this film goes back to my older uploads (I.e. “Deadly Seduction” and “Record”) Psychological thrillers are my favorite type of film-and I’ve been making furry movies and comedy skits mostly. So, it was great to sort of go back to the genre that I enjoy the most-I hope you get scared! 🙂



HEX (Short Film)


PLOT: Taking place in the same universe as the Robert Eggers film “The Witch“, this modern day folk-tale begins as a young man looks for his sister-who mysteriously vanished under his care. What follows is a psychological decent into terror and the supernatural….


This movie took only about 3 days to make, but I really wanted to do another horror movie, since I’ve been doing comedy skits. I wanted to go with something surreal and creepy-since I feel like usually my movies are ‘cut and dry’ at points. So, I hope you enjoy.


A Krampus Story (Short Film)


This short film was entirely done by yours truly-apart from of course the obvious other character in the movie-I played myself, Krampus, edited and filmed this little project. I had come up with the idea long before I knew much of the recent movie that came out (which I have seen and it is so cool!)  I however wanted to take this whole thing back to its roots, the ‘classic Krampus’ where he invades your home, beats you up, throws you in a sack and to his lair. I thought it would be perfect set up for a holiday movie (which I try to put out once a year at around this time.)

Sadly, I had come up with the idea during my wisdom teeth surgery, so I was sort of concerned that I would run out of time. I spent a lot of time lying down and such-but I did get to a point where I could get up and not be in too much pain (however, during the Christmas party opening scene…my mouth was indeed in pain and I could not eat any of the food in front of me!) Also, when I filmed the grandmother scene at the table, my mouth was hurting-which didn’t matter to me much, but it certainly was a unique experience filming under those kinds of conditions. I knew however, right when the dentist took the stitches out and sent me on my way-I had to get moving.

I bought the demon mask online, and the Santa jacket Krampus wore, my mom actually found while we were shopping! Great find by her, truly put the finishing touch on the holiday look of the creature.

I filmed my scenes first, then filmed myself as Krampus (not easy-but not impossible either.) Filming all on my own gave me 100% freedom, but without extra hands, setting up decent shots was a bit of a chore, but I think this movie came out really well-and I hope Krampus fans enjoy it!