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Why art matters in the vastness of life

Even though I’m mostly optimistic and think a lot matters in life, I do often remind myself that we are all human, the vast galaxy and the outer reaches of space probably doesn’t care about us and there’s probably no creator watching us and there’s no afterlife, so make the most of yourself here on earth cause this is it. Of course, I could go through life by just giving up on all my films and writing, I know deep down that my creativity is one day going to be forgotten or if I’m lucky someone will read or watch my stuff and like it. However, in order to deal with the bleakness of these facts, I have to do things that matter to me even though I don’t matter in the big picture. However, I’m not entirely sad about it-because scientifically speaking it’s a theory that makes sense. Why would ONE human matter over the rest? All of our biologies is mostly the same. It is odd to think that I almost died several times when I was a baby due to health complications, and to think that one day I’m just gonna die anyway. Kinda ironic really.

Sure it’s a rat race out there and we are just a drop in a vast ocean, but I think being creative and being showing yourself to as many as you can is better than just submitting to these ideas and let them run your life.
Why not create things and enjoy life while we can? It may not matter in the vast cosmos and it may not matter to other people, but why curl up in a ball and give up? I’m not a great writer, I’m no unique filmmaker, I kinda suck at singing-BUT I wanna be happy and I wanna create and like it or not, people do enjoy art. I don’t care whether people watch or read my stuff in the long run (no matter how thankful I am for support) I’m creating things for me. I’m going to do it whether it matters in the vastness of life or not, and I urge other artists to do the same, we have one life to live let’s enjoy it. That’s the beauty of life in my eyes. We get one chance to show others who we are and what ideas we have, let’s bask in the beauty of life and take it for what it is before we die.





Plot: Trekking across North Carolina to hunt a creature becomes more terrifying than one could imagine…

I had this idea in my head of ‘what if a found footage movie didn’t end with some scary monster, but rather a creepy serial killer in the woods?’ After reading fan theories on “The Blair Witch Project” (such as this one). I was also inspired by a very eerie movie entitled “The Last Broadcast”, so these two movies I would bounce back and forth on as I was thinking of all the ideas.

Originally, I was going to insert interview footage with the family and splice it in to the found footage, but after thinking about it and trying it out, I feel like it bogged down the movie and slowed the plot down. So, going for a more simple route, I decided to go full 100% found footage.

I knew that my cousin and my dad and myself were going on a road trip to North Carolina and we’d see some awesome sights, so that’s when the idea came up again. Apart from the loooong hours of driving (spending nearly 24 hours in a car wasn’t easy on the trip home!)

Nick and I were able to film without any issues. Everyone seemed fine with me lugging a camera around and maybe looking goofy as we were both acting scared or crazy. The locations were nothing short of amazing, and I have a lot more footage than this movie shows. The waterfall was a highlight as I had never gotten footage of something so grand. I also think cousin Nick was the show stealer, and I’m 100% okay with that. I feel like it was as much his film as it was mine, it’s always nice to have someone else star in a movie so I could focus on more the look and feel, apart from the last half of the movie where the ‘twist’ comes in.

The ending footage (from the bridge with the water) was all filmed in my hometown of Massachusetts, which edited together seamlessly. Dad and I had a great time filming his serial killer sections, and yelling into the night sky really added to the fear and dread my character must have felt, it all felt real (hence why we kept our names, Nick and Aaron the same.) So it felt natural.

I’m quite proud of this movie, and I am especially proud of the ending which I think is one of my most chilling scenes ever-and that’s saying something.

Meeting Kathy Griffin



In honor of Kathy’s new book release, “Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins“, I thought I’d share how this photo came about.

First off, Kathy is my favorite stand-up comic of all time, I love her mannerisms, her style of story telling, she never fails to make me laugh. I find myself re-watching her stand-up shows constantly and watch every interview I can, she’s a true icon in my eyes.

I went to see her live back in March of 2015, I got very close seats, I think two rows back from the stage. Well, her show of course is full of awesome and fun stories, really everything I could have hoped for, in fact she went on for almost three hours when her show was said to be two, so her talkative and energetic nature truly came out that night.
After the show, an announcer came on stating that ‘anyone with a paper tapped to their seats gets a photo-op’, well of course I practically jumped up and down when I saw a paper on my seat.

I was quite nervous, I mean-here’s someone who I regard as again, ‘an icon of comedy’-of course, once I approached her, the picture taking lasted about two seconds, but I did get to tell her “I had a crush on her” and that “you never fail to make me laugh” and she complimented me on my jacket…I think a heart floated above my head at that point!

It was unforgettable and I am so honored to have met someone I look up to so much.