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“Double Cross” (James Bond / 007 Fan Film)

This fan film was made just as “Skyfall” was coming out-I watched and attempted too copy Daniel Craig, and I think it all turned out rather well. I also really bulked up my visual effects-making this a film I still like to re-watch for fun…

Featuring: My two cousins, Nick and Brian and one of my BFFs,  Lianne Fay.

“Outpost X”

“Outpost X” was made in 2011, and really…I love UFO and alien abduction stories, so making a film about that seemed cool. I re-edited this entire film, the original cut was a looooong 30 minutes…so this one hopefully moves fast and keeps your interest…if science fiction is your thing, then enjoy! 🙂

Featuring: My cousin, Nick, Joan Winterkorn and Kris McMullin.