Part “True Detective”, Part “A Dog’s Way Home” this is the story of a Labrador searching for his master…

Kicking off the new year I feel is a very ‘Aaron-type’ movie, besides the fact I made it, it’s a plot device I wish was used more in movies. 🙂 I wanted this to be more than a ‘dog movie.’ I wanted people who also enjoyed dark plots and horror to enjoy it too.

HEX (Short Film)


PLOT: Taking place in the same universe as the Robert Eggers film “The Witch“, this modern day folk-tale begins as a young man looks for his sister-who mysteriously vanished under his care. What follows is a psychological decent into terror and the supernatural….


This movie took only about 3 days to make, but I really wanted to do another horror movie, since I’ve been doing comedy skits. I wanted to go with something surreal and creepy-since I feel like usually my movies are ‘cut and dry’ at points. So, I hope you enjoy.


The Second Case (Short Film)

PLOT-After the gruesome death of a young girl-a detective is thrown into depression. However-his ‘second case’ may prove that he is capable of so much more than he thought as he battles a dark and twisted force….


So, how did I come up with this film? Well, when I’m not writing short stories-online, I role play fictional stories. It’s how I get a lot of my ideas actually-and it’s an interactive and social pass time as well. This story came from a dark drama I would Role play often, and people seemed to REALLY like it-they wanted to learn more about the whole mystery and such, so I thought ‘why not make this into a crime drama?’ I knew a blizzard was underway and that it would make for an eerie and desolate opening, so I wrote up a script and shot this in one week! I was inspired by such TV shows as “The Killing” and the BBC show, “The Fall.”

I wanted the audience to feel really connected to both the detective and the missing person, played brilliantly by my cousin by the way! I also felt that the ‘look’ of my camera wasn’t quite right, it gave off kind of a ‘bright’ look-which this film is FAR from bright.

So, I took the liberty of toning down the saturation and exposure in the editing-and I REALLY do like the look for this movie-it looks bleak, muted-so if you find it a bit more ‘shadowy’ than my previous movies, it’s intentional.

I truly enjoyed playing a detective it felt cool, I also loved acting alongside my dad-who gave a very over the top, but scary performance-and really, again- I give props to my cousin, he’s never played a character like this before, he’s always the ‘even headed’ character-but for this, he needed to play someone who is traumatized and scared-and he did it with no hesitation. Oh, and I think as far as the climax goes-it is the best ending to any of my films ever.

I hope you enjoy this film and please spread it to all your friends!