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Mr. Higgins and Adam

Plot: In a world populated by humans and puppets, Adam is discovered on you tube by country sensation, Mr. Higgins and the two embark on adventures of life, love and music.


It’s no secret that this movie is way out of my typical genre. Not only a drama, but a movie that is set behind the folk / rock music scene. I took singing lessons for 4 years, it’s really my third passion (first being movies and second writing) After seeing “A Star is Born” I felt like I should somehow do something with music, but I had no story. I didn’t want to copy that movie as I think it’s amazing the way it is.

I then re-watched episodes of an old show no one seems to talk about, “Greg the Bunny.” Set in a universe of puppets and humans, it’s a show I really enjoy (along with the semi-sequel “Warren the Ape” and I thought merging my love of puppets would be the way to go.

So, merging these two genres together was something I had never seen, so I thought I should do it. My second challenge was singing, sure I could listen to myself-but I hate the sound of my voice, so I enlisted in my friend, Dan Barracuda. He was my vocal coach for a long time and helped me out with pointers, he was a crucial part of this movie.

Secondly was the green screen. I would have loved to film on a real stage with real lights, but I couldn’t get a location. So, my mom and I worked tirelessly to make those scenes as real as possible, I think they came out great. My mom has that perfectionist eye that I don’t have.

This movie is an odd one, but actually it deals in topics that are important, anxiety and self doubt, and I try to portray them in a real way. I really hope you enjoy this labor of love. 🙂